*Update* Clean Out Your Closet Sidewalk Sale

*Update* Clean Out Your Closet Sidewalk Sale

By: Renee Sherrer

With our 2nd Annual Clean Out Your Closet Sidewalk Sale “in-the-bag” all we can say is THANK YOU!

WOW, what a crazy, fun, long, successful weekend!  We sold about $4190 in the sidewalk sale and we had 85 donors! (These are initial figures – we’re still doing the bookkeeping).  That’s better than last year (the amount was $2889 and 40 donors).

We had more inventory (from donated items) in the sidewalk sale than we had inside the store.

You know what that means???  We LITERALLY created an additional store OUTSIDE!  In one week!


Here’s Karin (in her Pith helmet – from the Sidewalk Sale) petting a lizard? What the heck???  WHO KNEW a lizard would come to the sale???

In conclusion, we worked very hard, had a LOT of fun, helped our donors “free up” closet space, and made some cash for them AND Lydia Place and Agape.

So, I guess it’s all over except the THANKIN’ and the CHECK WRITIN’ (for the most part). So – let’s get to it!!!

I HOPE I’ve adequately thanked ALL 85 of you who brought in your gently worn/well loved treasures for our sidewalk sale. Without you – there wouldn’t BE a sidewalk sale! THANK YOU!!!!

Our next step is to have YWCA’s Dress for Success folks come in and “shop” through the items remaining, then Wise Buys. If you have a suggestion for what’s left – we are ALL ears. We’re considering either the Assistance League or Goodwill.

THANKS TO YOU!!!! We had a successful 2nd Annual Clean-Out-Your-Closet Sidewalk Sale!

Save up those donations for NEXT year. It will be in July again, around the 3rd weekend.

Here’s a sweet email from Lydia Place. They had Danielle and Kendyl on site for most of the sale. What fun we all had!

From: Danielle Purdy
To: Renee Sherrer

Thank you Renee for being amazing and fabulous and targeting all that wonderful onto Lydia Place!

Thank you Karen, Molly, and Anne for all of your hard work on behalf of Lydia Place! I loved getting to know you and had a lot of fun hanging out in the groovy, cool atmosphere you all inhabit.

Kendyl raved about all of you at our community engagement meeting today!

Renee, a huge hug of gratitude from all of us at Lydia Place. We appreciate the many ways you and Social Fabric support our mission in the community we all love and cherish.

Smiles from over here,
Danielle Purdy
Development Director

I also want to thank Crystal at Wild Oat Bakery. We invited her to bring some tasty items over for our sidewalk sale. Wild Oat Bakery is a new place on Cornwall (click on the name to go to their website). We wanted to give them a shout out and let you know about them. A part of the proceeds from the items sold at the sidewalk sale ALSO goes to Lydia Place and Agape!

And furthermore….

THANKS to Molly, Karin, Ann and Kate for the hard hard hard work you all did this weekend. It was a LOT of long hours and schlepping racks in and out every day. We couldn’t do this without your hard work and your enthusiasm and joy. I feel SO happy to have such a wonderful crew. No doubt about…I’m blessed! HECK – we’re ALL blessed to live in this loving community!!!

Now – back to normal (what IS normal by the way)…

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