Textile Art Gallery

At Social Fabric, we celebrate the textile art-form by exhibiting work on specific occasions, like a holiday show or a special exhibit.

So much more than simply sewing, textiles are an ancient tradition.  They go back to a time when humans were challenged by things like storage, travel and keeping warm.  Down through the ages, as creative minds contemplated the making of a container, bag, or a garment – decoration came into play.  As time passed – these methods of construction and decoration developed into a textile tradition and art form.

Contemporary textiles have no limit on form, focus or genre.  They’re all over the map.  But the beautiful thing about textile arts is – we ALL have a relationship with textiles (we wear clothes).  Therefore we have a better understanding (possibly even visceral) of what a work of textile art could be expressing.

Take a look at some of our previous exhibits and be AMAZED by how artists have taken liberties with this art form – ENJOY!

Social Fabric is a Fashion and Home Textiles Design Studio, and a Gallery/Learning Facility with a focus on textile art forms and fashion. Hours are: TUE – SAT 11am-5pm. Sometimes we are open late (until 9 pm) during special Downtown Bellingham events like Art Walk and Wine Walk.

Find us at 301 West Holly Street, Suite M-6, Belligham WA 98225

(Located downtown on the corner of Bay and Holly in the Bay Street Village Building)

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