Textile Art

At Social Fabric, we celebrate the textile art-form by exhibiting work which is either textile in nature or refers to or eploys textile methods.  Our gallery is free and open to everyone during our regular boutique hours and open until 9 pm during Art Walk (the first Friday of each month), Wine Walk and the Commercial Street Night Market  evenings and other late-opening events.

So much more than simply sewing, textiles are an ancient tradition.  They go back to a time when humans were challenged by things like storage, travel and keeping warm.  Down through the ages, as creative minds contemplated the making of a container, bag, or a garment – decoration came into play.  As time passed – these methods of construction and decoration developed into a textile tradition and art form.

Contemporary textiles have no limit on form, focus or genre.  They’re all over the map.  But the beautiful thing about textile arts is – we ALL have a relationship with textiles (we wear clothes).  Therefore we have a better understanding (possibly even visceral) of what a work of textile art could be expressing.

Take a look at some of our previous exhibits and be AMAZED by how artists have taken liberties with this art form – ENJOY!


Current Art Exhibit

Social Fabric’s Current Art Exhibit: The Works of Denise Snyder

Denise is a Natural Sculpture Artist from Bellingham, WA. She makes organic forms out of branches, grasses, brightly colored papers, and metal. With a strong Scandinavian influence her wall and free standing sculptures are inspired by and representative of nature.

“The materials are not concealed, but are clearly evident in the artwork and their own beauty is as important as the final form.” excerpt from her website

Art by Denise Snyder
Spring After the Fires, Outreach, September Afternoon by Denise Snyder

This delightful exhibit which will open during Art Walk, Friday, August 3rd will stay up through the end of September at Social Fabric. Please drop by and enjoy!

If you have questions or comments, please contact us at or call us at 360-733-1323.

Are you an Artist?

Want to be one of our exhibiting artists?  Drop us a line with some information about yourself and some images of your art work.  We are looking for art that is not necessarily only textile in nature, but could employ textile references or methods.  Email us at to open a dialogue about exhibiting your work.

Social Fabric is a Boutique and a Gallery/Learning Facility with a focus on textile art forms and fashion. Hours are: MON – SAT 11am-6pm* and SUN 11am – 4pm. *Open late until 9 pm during Art Walk (the first Friday of each month) Commercial Street Night Market  evenings and other late-opening events.

Find us at 1302 Commercial St, Bellingham, WA 98225

(Located downtown by the corner of Holly and Commercial in the parkade building)

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