Scarves and Shawls


Renee/Renee Scarves

I started making these one-of-a-kind (signed and numbered) scarves and shawls in 2002 and, well, the ideas just kept coming!  I’ve made almost 4,000 of them!

I have 5 styles and they come in a LOT of colors.  RATHER than me making one in every style and color, why don’t you come in and PICK a color and style and I’ll make it JUST FOR YOU!

Zipper Bags

These are great for organizing your stuff. They come in a variety of fabrics from animal print to retro, to embroidered, to floral – you name it.  Come in and see if there’s one that ‘speaks’ to you! $29

NOTE – Make Your Own Zipper Bag is a class we offer so you can buy one from us or learn how to make your own!  Check the current class schedule to see if it’s on this month’s calendar or call us at (360) 733-1323 to sign up for this class!

Zipper Bags
Zipper Bags

Fingerless Gloves

Our line of Too Cute fingerless gloves are made from up-cycled sweaters. We have a large variety of these in every color of the rainbow.  Some have thumbs, some don’t. They also come in a variety of lengths. If you’ve never had a pair – consider this:

they are upcycled from sweater parts THUS keeping materials out of the waste stream,

you can wear them to make a fashion statement

they keep your hands warm

they draw attention to your hands (and jewelry),

AND ,you can still use your cell phone or any kind of touch screen.

They’re the bomb! $29 for most, $32 for cashmere

NOTE – Make Your Own Fingerless Gloves is one of our most popular sewing classes and OK for
beginners. Check the current class schedule to see if it’s on this month’s calendar or call us at (360) 733-
1323 to sign up for a class.


Starfish Baby Wraps

These are about the cutest thing you’ve EVER seen!  They’re little starfish shaped baby garments in which to bundle that cute kiddo!  This is an original Social Fabric design and we make them on site!  Starfish Baby Wraps $29


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