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Sewing class Designer Combo Class! (8/31/2018) - Draping on the Form and Bodice Sloper COMBO Class! Here's how it works.... Draping on the form is method for making a pattern in 3-D, by pinning and manipulating fabric on to a mannequin. You ...READ MORE
BYE BYE Summer! SALE (8/31/2018) - I know - it's not like a switch is thrown - but you can certainly feel a change in the season coming on. The mornings are cooler for sure! HOWEVER, we usually have pretty warm ...READ MORE
Kid Sewing, Bellingham, WA Kids SEW Strong Club (8/6/2018) - Kids SEW Strong Club Saturday, August 11, 9:00-10:30 am; $10/hr/kiddo. This is for kids who want to have more instruction/experience with sewing - come down for kid-centric projects. We will have 2 instructors available. Moms ...READ MORE
Art by Denise Snyder Art Exhibit: The Works of Denise Snyder (7/30/2018) - Social Fabric's Current Art Exhibit: The Works of Denise Snyder Denise is a Natural Sculpture Artist from Bellingham, WA and "makes organic forms out of branches, grasses, brightly colored papers, and metal. With a strong ...READ MORE
SWS004 *Update* Clean Out Your Closet Sidewalk Sale (7/30/2018) - By: Renee Sherrer With our 2nd Annual Clean Out Your Closet Sidewalk Sale "in-the-bag" all we can say is THANK YOU! WOW, what a crazy, fun, long, successful weekend!  We sold about $4190 in the sidewalk ...READ MORE
‘Savvy’ Sewing Student (7/18/2018) - Students - they are a gift!  We LOVE our students because it's so rewarding to share our sewing/fashion/textile experience with others. Case in point...Henry.  He's a ____ year old student who's taken sewing and pattern ...READ MORE
2018.MidsummerNightsDream Midsummer Night’s Dream (7/18/2018) - Just imagine all FOUR of our front window are featuring Julia Mc Pheter's felted head "creatures", our FABULOUS garments, handbags, one-of-a-kind jewelry AND Fairies … LOTS of them! Come on into Social Fabric and see ...READ MORE
Sidewalk Sale Clean-Out Your Closet Sidewalk Sale (6/25/2018) - Fri, July 20 - Sun, July 22 is our 2nd Annual "Clean-out Your Closet" Sidewalk Sale at Social Fabric! It's ALWAYS a good time to clean out your closet but when it benefits displaced families ...READ MORE
Sewing Machine Maintenance and Repair Sewing Machine MD, $45 for one machine, $60 for two machines (6/25/2018) - Wednesday, July 25, 5:30 - 8 pm Sewing Machine MD, $45 for one machine, $60 for two machines.  Molly will teach you how to clean, oil and adjust the tension on your sewing machine so ...READ MORE
Handbags for Housing Models Fashion Show Fun For Philanthropy (6/9/2018) - Another year 'in the bag' - bwahahaha! Handbags for Housing is an annual event we get so excited about. Not only do they raise a ton of money for our locally displaced families in need ...READ MORE