Boutique – Women’s clothing and so much more …

We have one-of-a-kind accessories, jewelry and women’s clothing you that won’t find anywhere else in Bellingham!  We bring in the latest fashions from market, we offer creations by local artisans, AND we design and make some of the items ourselves!  You simply have to see some of the fabulous work we find/make to understand just how much we’re “pushing the envelope” in the Bellingham fashion world.  Come in and see for yourself what we have in our store just for you!

Social Fabric is the relationships and connections we make with one another, making us all a part of the common thread of society as a whole. ~ Renee Sherrer, Owner


Fine Consignment

Women’s gently used fine clothing/garments

Offering/accepting fine, gently used clothing on consignment. Fashionable clothing from the closets of those who have GORGEOUS garments that they just simply no longer wear.  Learn more >>>

We are BIG into up-cycling at Social Fabric

Sustainability is not JUST about saving things from the landfill – it’s the challenge of giving something a new, and longer life as a new and beautiful or fun garment or accessory. Many of our own clothing designs and sewing projects we teach to our students are up-cycled creations. Contact us to learn more about our sustainability efforts.


Visit us at 1302 Commercial St, Downtown Bellingham.

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