Clean Out Your Closet Sidewalk Sale

Social Fabric’s 2019 3rd Annual Clean Out Your Closet Sidewalk Sale will be held in July -dates/times tbd. BUT if you’re already doing some Spring Cleaning, keep our sidewalk sale in mind!

Sidewalk Sale

How it works:

Gather up 15 to 35 items to bring to our Sale. They can be any combination of garments, jewelry or accessories. All items need to be clean, in good repair and something you’d be proud to wear still. Try to bring items on hangers if you can (we’ll take them without hangers too) and jewelry in ziplock bags.

You will get a “I’m Generous!” button, That button is worth a 25% discount off ONE item in the Boutique at Social Fabric. That 25% discount is good for one year from the 2nd Annual Clean Out Your Closet Sidewalk Sale, non-transferrable and you must bring it in to get the discount. Also, it doesn’t apply to items on sale or consignment items.

If you bring less than 15 items, you can participate in the sale but not get the “I’m Generous!” button.

Please do NOT bring household items, sheets, towels, rugs, dishes, etc.

Out of the proceeds of the sale of your items, Lydia Place will get 25%, Agape will get 25% and we get 25%. YOU ALSO get 25%! You can have it as a: a check, a credit at Social Fabric Boutique, or you can donate your 25% to Lydia Place or Agape!

Unsold items will be offered to the YWCA Dress for Success boutique first, then Goodwill, Value Village or Salvation Army.

Deadline for contributing items: [tbd] No items will be accepted on [tbd].

If you have questions, please call us at 360.733.1323 or email us at: