Social Fabric - What does it mean?

Social Fabric - What does it mean?

Written by: Renee Sherrer, Textile Artist, Owner of Social Fabric Boutique, Gallery and Learning Center

What DOES “Social Fabric” mean?

“Social Fabric” is the relationships and connections we make with one another; making us all a part of the common thread of society as a whole.

I’ve been working with textiles, specifically sewing, since I was about 8 years old and in natural  progression that interest led to making art, which led me to get my MFA in Textiles at University of North Texas.

I’ve taught a variety of subjects from sculpture to dyeing, drawing, fashion design and sewing at a long list of schools including Whatcom Community College and Skagit Valley College, but  NOTHING holds my interest like textiles; the engineering of a garment or a sculpture, the surface embellishment or just the texture and weave of a beautiful fabric.

I created Social Fabric to expose people to the myriad of textile and sewing arts. Much like the definition of “Social Fabric”, we aim to create connections which bind our community through our events, boutique and sewing classes!

Bellingham – let’s get SOCIAL!

(Photo taken during the 2017 “Procession of Species” parade; featuring animal felt masks by Bellingham artist, Julia McPheters and clothing from Social Fabric’s boutique located at 1302 Commercial St, Bellingham, WA.)