Masks by Aritas - October Art Exhibit (Free)

Masks by Aritas - October Art Exhibit (Free)

Aritas has created an amazing art exhibit incorporating the mask as a genre, AND this being October, well, how appropriate is that!

These pieces are based on the antique “visards” which were pliable masks, held in place by a bead which is held in the teeth. In the case of THIS visard, the shell casing takes the place of the bead.

About a year ago, I asked her to create an exhibit and to employ some textile arts methods (she’s a multimedia artist). I knew she would come up with a fun show but I had NO idea she would create such a relevant exhibit!

Here’s what Aritas has to say about this body of work:

For over 7000 years humans have worn masks to adorn, restrict, entice, oppress, declare status or hide identity. Oscar Wilde has said; “Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth.” Through mixed media and textiles, Aritas plays with words, masks and the lesser known “visard” to hide and to reveal the old from the new, the deflection from the truth, and the desire from the outcome.

Aritas imagines and creates from a farmstead far North of Bellingham surrounded by a menagerie of fowl, felines, eclectic characters and muse inspired organic gardens.

We’re THRILLED to see what she’s been working on so put THIS Artwalk on your calendar for sure!

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