Bunnies and Spring at Social Fabric

Bunnies and Spring at Social Fabric

Saturday, March 24 , 1-4. Easter Bunny Make-a-Long (Monster or Cute, you decide), $25.

Easter is JUST around the corner! You need to get some cute (or Monster) bunnies made for decorating/gifting. It’s FUN!

Above, are the Zipper-Mouth bunnies – their “tummies” can hold a bit of a surprise for gifting. Then there are the bunnies in this bike basket (below). We made these using photos of faces, transferred to fabric – then it’s just a matter of playing around with fabric, ribbon, stuffing until you get a bunny shape! What a bunch of silliness!

Do you recognize (left to right) Satira, Karin and Todd? heeheheeeee

Call us at 360-733-1323 to enroll. You can bring your sewing gear/machine OR use one of ours. We supply fabric scraps and stuffing.