Designer Combo Class!

Designer Combo Class!

Draping on the Form and Bodice Sloper COMBO Class! Here’s how it works….

Draping on the form is method for making a pattern in 3-D, by pinning and manipulating fabric on to a mannequin. You START this class by making a basic sloper of the mannequin. (Definition of Sloper – a pattern that fits YOU perfectly and from which you can make patterns that will fit YOU perfectly).

While pinning fabric onto the mannequin Mira asked me if could we drape a sloper bodice on her.

AHHHHH (imagine clouds parting, angels singing)…..hmmmm, well, with enough “padding”, we could POSSIBLY pin the muslin directly on to her?!?!?!? What the heck. Get out the mecuricome and bandaids, cue 911 on the cellphone, and let’s get started!

We put three semi-tight t-shirts on her (to pad her a bit – like a mannequin) and started pinning directly ON (note – not IN) to her to drape a sloper bodice.

NOW – the sloper we made is in NO WAY a final (perfect) sloper, but for a 45 minute “first/test run” of a new method for making a sloper, I’d say it was pretty successful. She still needs to lower the armscye and shorten the sloper by 1/2″ to eliminate draglines. But all in all – I’m calling this a successful experiment!

Did I mention it usually takes about 4 to 6 hours (or more) to get a bodice sloper to this point on a student using the traditional method???? That goes to show you the difference between the flat-pattern method and draping method of makig a pattern.

I plan on trying this method on a few more folks before possibly making it into a class.

Check out Mira’s sloper…

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