Cathy Mina - Sales Associate, Amazing creative artist, designer, seamstress!  

If you're wondering WHO is making those beautiful signson the weekly Class Schedule Chalkboard - it's Cathy. She's obviously got the eye for great signage and lettering. Cathy was trained in fashion design and has successfully worked in retail sales for a long, long time.  She's also smart as a whip!  You may remember her from Lulu's!  We're SO lucky to have her helping us out.   

Molly Chambers - Instructor, General All Around Creative Sewing Guru

Molly Chambers started sewing at age 11, making festive holiday outfits for her troll dolls.  For the last four decades she has been sewing with vinyl, plastic, fabric, and

up-cycled items.  She has been teaching and selling her amazing creations in Bellingham since 1989.  Molly is also our Sewing Machine Guru.  She keeps things running smoothly and fixes a host of machine problems.  Her skills and talents are so welcome at Social Fabric!

Renee Sherrer - Owner, Designer, Instructor

I've been working with textiles, specifically sewing, since I was about 8 years old.  It just seemed natural to get my MFA in Textiles when I went to graduate school.  I've taught a variety of subjects from Sculpture to Dyeing, Fashion Design and Sewing at West Texas State University, U of North Texas, Eastern MT College, Whatcom Community College, Skagit Valley College, Ragfinery and The Foundry.  NOTHING holds my interest like textiles, the engineering of a garment or a sculpture, the surface embellishment or just the texture and weave of a beautiful fabric.  I wanted to create Social Fabric to expose people to the myriad of textile and sewing arts which are so under exhibited in a smaller community like Bellingham.

Monday thru Saturday, 11am to 6 pm
Sunday, 11am to 4pm

1302 Commercial, Bellingham WA  98225

Francine Kirton - Sales Associate, General all-around wonder woman. 

Francine is truly amazing.  She has an eye for color, style, arrangement.  She can put together a “look” that will knock your socks off, yet she never puts you out of your comfort zone (style wise).  THAT takes a lot of skill and sensitivity.  Francine is one of those amazing people who recognizes a task that needs doing - and just does it.  We are SO lucky to have Francine on staff.