Fleecy Pillow

Bring The Basics, plus

1 1/4 yard of fleece (54" to 60" wide), OR

1 3/4 yard of fleece (45" wide)

thread to match

Apron Mania

Bring The Basics, plus

one or two pair of men's pants (large size as you can find).  One pair of pants makes 2 aprons.  A pair of large men's shorts makes one apron.


Bring The Basics, plus

Several sweaters that can be combined into a new sweater or cardigan.  Good idea to choose sweaters that have similar colors or textures.

Monster Voo Doo Dolls

Bring The Basics, plus

Any fabric or buttons that you may want to use and share with others.  We'll have a box of fabric scraps, trims, buttons, etc. to play with.

Materials Lists

For Specific Classes - here are the Materials Lists

Fingerless Gloves and Fingerless Gloves/Hats Class

Bring The Basics, PLUS

2 or 3 sweaters that you're OK with cutting up

The Basics

For all Sewing Classes, bring the following.  

Sewing Machine with power cord, bobbins, feet and tools that came with your machine and manual if you have one.

Sewing gear, including:

Thread appropriate for project



Stitch ripper

Sewing Machine Needles appropriate for project

Measuring tape

Fabric marking tool.  I HIGHLY recommend Chalk-o-liner

C-thru ruler with 1/8" markings

Needle Threader if you need it

Reading glasses if you need them

Bed Capelette

Bring The Basics, plus

(for small Capelette 36" diameter) 1 yard outer fabric and 1 yard lining fabric 

(for longer Capelette 45" diameter) 1 1/3 yard outer fabric and 1 1/3  yard lining fabric

(for 54" long Capelette) 1 1/2 yard outer fabric and 1 1/2 yard lining fabric

Zipper Bags

Bring The Basics plus for 3 bags, bring:

1/2 yard fabric for outer fabric

1/2 yard for lining

3 Zippers should be PLASTIC (NO METAL ZIPPERS) and at least 12" long

Be SURE you have your zipper foot for your machine

Cozy Toys

Bring The Basics, plus

2 or 3 sweaters you don't mind cutting up

stuffing - always bring more than you think you will need, a LOT more.  It NEVER fails  that you underestimate the amount a stuffed toy will need to be filled properly.  OK, at least I always underestimate how much to use.

Make a Heart Pillow

Bring The Basics, plus

an 18" pillow form

1 yard of fabric for background and hearts

If you want the heart shapes to contrast with the background, bring 2/3 background fabric and 1/3 yard of contrast fabric for hearts

Hat and Gloves

Bring The Basics, plus

2 or 3 sweaters that you're OK with cutting up

Crazy Striped Scarf

Bring The Basics, plus

2 yards striped fabric (a knit is best), OR some other fun knit fabric 

Thread to match your fabric

fun trims for accents, 2/3 yard per trim per scarf

Killer Slippers

Bring The Basics  

Thread should be either black or dark brown

We will supply materials for this project

Hot Dog! and Warm Kitty

Bring The Basics, plus

A few sweaters you can cut up

Measurements of your dog (or cat) from neck to beginning of tail and around the largest part of the rib cage.

Prayer and Peace Flags

Bring The Basics, plus

Words that are meaningful to you (poems, quotes, song lyrics, mantras - whatever is meaningful for you)

We will supply the fabric.

Sewing Machine MD

Bring The Basics, plus

Sewing machine oil

a rag (or an old cotton t-shirt will do)

2 old bath towels

screw drivers that came with your machine.  If there were none, bring the smallest screwdrivers (flat head AND phillips) that you can find.

Make Friends with your Sewing Machine

Bring the The Basics.  It is especially important that you bring EVERYTHING you have that comes with your sewing machine, power cord, feet, bobbins, manual at the least.

Make a Corset

Bring The Basics, plus

3 1/2 yards of boning

2 yards muslin (for pattern)

2/3 yard fabric for outside of corset 

2/3 yard fabric for lining of corset