an Exhibit of Valentines, made by Artists

WHAT could be better than a hand made valentine - well, a valentine that is an art work!  

I invited 24 artists to submit Valentines for our February 2017 exhibit.  There were several "rules" for these submittals.

1) it couldn't be more than 19" x 19" x 4"

2) it couldn't have any perishible materials (like food) 

3) it had to have a "reveal" - as a valentine, it would be given to someone and so therefore, would need to be "opened" as a valentine.

4) it couldn't cost more than $30!

YES - you read THAT right - all Artist made valentines are $30 and under.

Top Left: Kathy Bastow Necklace, made from collaged together tin pieces from tin boxes

Top Center:  Aritas, collage of lace, fabric, "jewels"

Right:  Deb McCunn, porcelain heart necklace

Bottom Left: Beverly Larsen's "Burn", Needle Felted Heart, fabric, and other materials

These are just a FEW of the amazing pieces you'll see at the LOVE FOR SALE exhibit.

We just want to spread some love around AND get some publicity for artists and Social Fabric!

Unlike other art exhibits, you will be able to take home your art purchase as you make it, instead of waiting to receive the art work at the end of the show.  

That means you'll have your valentine when you need it - on Valentine's Day!

SO, SPREAD THE LOVE.  Come down to Social Fabric and see what kind of "love" artists have made and pick up a fabulous, artist-made valentine for your loved one(s).  

Here are a few examples of what we'll be exhibiting/selling.