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Textiles are more than simply sewing.  Textiles are a tradition that go back to the time when humans had to figure out how to carry more things than they could manage with just their hands, when they had to cover themselves for warmth, or when they had to store things.  Down through the ages, as creative minds contemplated the making of a bag, a garment or a container - decoration came into play.  As time passed - these methods of construction and decoration developed into a textile tradition and art form.

We want to celebrate the textile artform by having exhibitions of textile "type" arts at Social Fabric.   

Textile arts are NOT limited to pieces made from fibers or cloth.  For our purposes, we include any textile "process" as being defined as a textile art form.  Therefore any work which includes winding, plaiting, weaving, combining layers - well - just about ANY way to bring different materials together - those are often considered textile processes.  That's why you'll see "textile" arts that have very little fabric/cloth/textiles in them.  Consider chain link fence.  THAT is a textile process used to combine a metallic (fiber) at an industrial scale.

Think about the possibilites - we have.....and we are fascinated by them.  We hope you will be also.  Take a look at some of the ways artists have taken liberties with the textile art form, and enjoy!

To view our exhibits, look for the pages under the Gallery heading above.