Materials for Classes:

Check the Materials Lists for Classes which will have a list of all materials for all classes. Of course, you can always contact us if you have any quesitons about materials.

If you don't see a class in which you're interested, we can set up a private instruction time for you at $15/hour, OR - better yet - get two more pals to join you and suggest a class.  We'll check with our teachers and see if we can schedule it for you.  We'd LOVE to put together a party/class if you have a wedding shower or baby shower party/class idea.  Contact us and let's see what kind of fun we can make for you.

Regularly Scheduled Classes:

These classes run every month and are scheduled to be consistent so that you can anticipate when they'll be:

SEWcial - this scheduled the first and third Wednesday nights of every month. It's a place for you to come in and share what you're working on, get advice, or generally just visit about sewing and textiles.

Sewing Machine MD - this is scheduled for the LAST Wednesday of every month.  Bring in your sewing machine and learn how to clean, oil and adjust it.  You will save a LOT of money if you learn how to do this yourself.

Instructors- Renee Sherrer and Molly Chambers make up the "core" of Social Fabric's teaching staff.  We'll be bringing on guests instructors as we locate good candidates. IF you are an instructor and are interested in teaching a class, please contact us at  We'd love to hear what kinds of ideas you have.

Renee Sherrer has been sewing since she was 8.  She has an MFA in textiles from the University of North Texas.  She's exhibited at many galleries and had her work shown in books, magazines and movies.  She's taught at universities and other kinds of craft instruction businesses.

She wants to expand the class schedule from merely sewing to including classes on fine arts textile processes like paper making, photo process on fabric, etc.

Cost of Classes - The classes vary in cost, depending on how long they are, and how complex the information is.  MOST classes range from $8.00 to $12.00 an hour, so a 3 hour workshop or class could be anywhere from $24 to $36.

We try very hard to price our classes and workshops within an affordable range.  Remember - you're learning a skill you'll have forever - that's a small price to pay for forever!

Classes that deal with more complicated information (patternmaking, draping on the form, etc., will run about $15/hour.

Private Instruction is $15/hour.  Feel free to contact us if there's something specific you want to learn and for whatever reason - need to set up private instruction. Of course, you will have one-on-one instruction in a private class.

Gift Certificates

Teaching is one of the cornerstones of Social Fabric.  We have a wide variety of classes and workshops.  We have some classes that repeat on a regular basis (see below) and then there are a lot of classes that we schedule according to seasonal events.

Molly Chambers started sewing at age 11, making festive holiday outfits for her troll dolls.  For the last four decades she has been sewing with vinyl, plastic, fabric, upcycled items.  She has been teaching and selling in Bellingham since 1989.  Molly is indefatigable in her creativity and excitement about sewing.  

If you don't know what to buy for a friend and you KNOW they love to sew or maybe they just WANT to learn more about sewing - get them a Gift Certificate.  They can be for any denomination you choose.  Also, they can use the Gift Certificate for a class or they can purchase items in our boutique.   YOU are a thoughtful friend, they receive a gift they love.  Win/Win!.