Tammy Rice‚Äč

Her work is the ONLY artist we have who is not local.  Her work is so amazing I had to have it for Social Fabric.  She makes her pieces out of car and bicycle tire inner tubes and bicycle tires (check out the belt!)  You will want to look in our Jewlery section to see some of the wonderful things she's done with inner tubes, chain, beads, and other collected things.  We are so jazzed to have her work.  AND - it's incredibly affordable!

Bags, Belts, Leather Goods

You want something a little off the wall???  check out these items by Tammy Rice.  They're incredibly fun to carry or wear!

WHO doesn't want HOBO bags, purses and wallets?  We carry the HOBO line.  Come in and see the amazing quality of these pieces.  If you know HOBO, you know how well they're made, how long they last, the attention to detail, the quality.  Come see what we've got in our "TOWER" of Hobo bags and wallets.