Keepin' It Fresh - SALE!

Keepin' It Fresh - SALE!

January Sale!

We ARE a BOUTIQUE after all … Check out this CUTE window display Karin and Jenne made for our January Sale! Those girls are so talented!!!!

Hats*, Shoes, Coat* Jewelry* at 30% off along with almost all sweaters, dresses, vests, heck – all kinds of gorgeous items on sale at 30% off.

AND we have a 50% off rack (which keeps growing as we add items to it).  But the BEST news of all is the HOBO bags and wallets!  25% off any HOBO item!

There’s still PLENTY of Winter left to enjoy these sale sweaters, coats and hats (and other stuff). We’re merely making space for the new items coming in…gotta keep it fresh!

I know we focus a lot of information on classes but remember, the BOUTIQUE is what keeps Social Fabric viable.  Come in and grab some cute winter clothes AND support this crazy business!

Grab a friend and come downtown and a fun day shopping till you’re dropping.

*Consignment items are not on sale.  The Artists set those prices and so we cannot change their prices.