Social Fabric's Extension is Under-Way!

Social Fabric's Extension is Under-Way!

Social Fabric Expansion Project


It’s STARTING!!!!  The Social Fabric “Extension” is getting under way!!!

Finally, after 4 months (maybe more) the contract has been awarded to a construction company, the architect’s drawings are finished, and the city is moving forward with the remodel for the 1013 square foot extension to Social Fabric! YAYAYAYY!!

As you can tell from this photo, we’re all ready to roll up our sleeves and help out. Yeah, like they’d want us to help! But of course, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to wear these pink hard hats with sparkle letters (we’re NOTHING if not stylish!)

In case this extension is news to you, after Gary’s closed in January, we decided to take about 1/3 of that space and made plans to move the sewing/teaching studio into that space (AND we’ll see what else we can put in there).

That means the original Social Fabric space will become ALL BOUTIQUE, ALL THE TIME.  We’ll add a third dressing room, a “receiving” area for new inventory, and (drum roll please) WE’RE ADDING SHOES!!!!!

NOW, don’t get all crazy yet.  It’s probably too late for me to order shoes for Fall 2017 (I am going to market in Portland to see what I can get deliverd this Fall, but it may be too late for shoes for the Fall). We DID place orders for shoes for Spring 2018, and you should SEE what we’ve got coming!  Oh lalalalaaa!!!!

So grab your ear plugs and come down and see what kind of progress is (finally!) being made on our new, extended space.