Yes, I know - you get a LOT of news from me and some of you may be pretty tired of all my yakking but I wanted to give you a run down of what worked for us in 2016 and what didn’t AND what to expect for 2017!

2016 - WHAT a crazy year!

Lots of folks ask me how we do so much every month.  My friend calls me “The Hardest Workin’ Woman in Sew Business!”  Heeheheheee  Sometimes it feels like that with our crazy schedule of classes and events.

Here are some thoughts on 2016:

Private Classes: lots of folks liked the private class idea.  Call us up and schedule a 2 hour private lesson in a topic of your choice.  OR we can create a SERIES for you or for a specific age or interest group.  Hey, we can’t read your minds….let us know what you want to learn! We’ll keep the private classes on Thursdays and Fridays.

Our phone.  ARGH…once in a while, our internet connection for the phone goes out but we won’t know unless we pick up the phone to make a call.  Twice this Fall, we had no phone service AND DIDN’T KNOW IT!  SO if you call us and the line is dead or something - email us at info@socialfabricart.com to let us know.

The windows; we had a LOT of great feedback on our windows and want to keep on making them fun and crazy.  If YOU have an idea for a window - let’s hear it!  We DO have to put mannequins in the windows so your idea needs to embrace that concept AND it would be more successful if you have some kind of textile arts or fashion relevance to them. 

The movie sponsorships:  That was just the smartest thing we did this whole year I think!  THANKS PICKFORD for inviting us to sponsor those films.  We WILLLLLLL be talking again this year for more sponsorships this worked G R E A T !!!!!

The Lydia House Fashion Show; if you were there, you KNOW what I’m talking about.  We NAILED it with a capital “N”!  GIANT round of applause to everyone who modeled, worked, sewed, created, or participated in ANY way.  We love working with the Lydia House on this and plan on doing it again.

I’m sure there are other things I’m not thinking of but I want to move on to 2017….

Ideas for 2017:

Customer Appreciation Club:  You give us your name, contact info and birth month and we’ll send you a 25% off coupon for any” ONE item in the store during your birth month!*  We NEVER share our mailing lists so don’t fret about that.  *Sorry - I can’t allow discounts on consignment items.  I don’t set those prices, artists do and we have to honor their requests.

More Designs by Social Fabric:  Yes, this is a BIG BIG undertaking.  We’d like to design and manufacture some of our own designs for the boutique.  I think that after our first year, we have a LOT of the structural elements in place for the shop and maybe we can start to make our own designs?????

Trips.  We’re going to start out 2017 with a trip on January 4, to Seattle Art Museum to see the Yves St. Laurant exhibit.  We will leave early and come back after 5. I want to spend some SERIOUS time looking at the exhibit and I want to have a nice lunch.  That exhibit ends on January 7 so we have to get going on the planning for that NOW!   Call or email us if your interested.

I’d also like to possibly take a trip up to Vancouver’s Granville Island and visit Maiwa. Any takers???

OR - how about going to working studios of professional textile artists?!?!?  Anyone game for this???

I’d like to also bring in some guest teachers and textile artists for two-day classes, do more cyano-type classes (or set up a permanent cyanotype studio), and in my dream, create a WET studio (that’s where you have copious amounts of hot and cold water, screen washing areas, big sinks, etc.)

Also, wouldn’t it be fun to “birth” and “raise” an indigo dye bath?????  OOOOOhhhhhh, there’s just SO much fun to be had!

For STARTERS, in January February and March, we’re going to focus on fashion classes; Pattern Making I, Pattern Making II, Draping I, Draping II, Transformational Reconstruction, Reductive Cutting, How to Grade a Pattern, Make a Top Sloper, Make a Pant Sloper, Body Double, Make a Pattern for Leggings, How to Copy a Garment without Taking it Apart….those kinds of things. 

I’d LOVE to do a student challenge and have my fashion students create something - maybe an exhibit of their work for April or May????  OR we could have a fashion runway show????

Join me in taking Social Fabric into the New Year with a BANG.  In a PERFECT world, we’d all just hang out and sew and make amazing things, dye fabric, make paper, make art, design clothes, hats, etc. BUT, unfortunately, we have to look at the grim reality of the world and THAT means we have to put a lot of focus on the boutique and sales.  The boutique PAYS for the employees, the rent, the insurance, utilities, etc.  SO, keep that in mind when you’re at Social Fabric.  Don’t be shy about making us your “go to” place for gifts or fashion.  

With Social Fabric, we’re conducting a crazy experiment here, combining teaching, art, fashion and a boutique…all under one roof.  All parts have to work together to make it successful.  But MOSTLY YOU guys drive Social Fabric - your energy, interest, creativity and support.

THANK YOU for our first CRAZY/WONDERFUL year!

2016 (and a wee bit of 2015) Social Fabric Slide Show

Here are just a FEW of the hundreds of photos we took this year, celebrating our students, our projects, our windows, art art shows.  They are ROUGHLY in chronological order and I have to apologize now for anyone's head getting chopped off in a photos.  My website program gives me limited tools to create this.


Below the slide show is a Review of 2016 Letter.   It's a little bit long, because I'm SO proud of everything we accomplished this year.  We couldn't have done it without you!!!

THANKS for your help and support!

Renee Sherrer