Molly Chambers, 2016

Photo transfer on fabric, ribbon, trim, collage

White Brassiere Dress

Renee Sherrer, 1987

Bras, lace, net, glove fingers, ribbon


Renee Sherre, 2014

Mirror, journal, transparency, wood, screws, thread

Pasta Dress

Renee Sherrer, 1991

Pasta, silk organza, paint, beads, wire

Molly and Tammy, 

Molly Chambers, 2016

Photo transfer on fabric, collage

Frog Nature

Aritas, 2016

Image transfer on fabric, collage

Three Women Art Show

It's amazing what can come together in a collaborative way when you put three creative women in a room and make art.

This show was actually response to an "emergency".  The November artist bailed on us at the last moment and so Molly Champers Satira and Renee came together and created this exhibit for your viewing pleasure.