Oct 16, Sunday 2-4. How to Buy Fabric Field Trip. If going to the fabric store is an exercise in confusion and futility, take this class. We’ll explain how it all works so that you will purchase fabric like a professional. WHO doesn’t want to go to the fabric store on a Sunday? $20. All levels welcome.

Oct 22, Saturday, 12-4. Gift Making/Fingerless Gloves. It’s that time again! Grab some old sweaters, bring ‘em and we’ll show you how to make fingerless gloves for everyone on your Holiday list! $25. Some sewing experience required.

Oct 31, Monday 3-5. Downtown B’ham Halloween. Come see what WE’RE wearing for Halloween! Bring the kids. It’s Downtown Bellingham’s official trick-or-treat event. FREE treats! 

Oct 23, Sunday, 12-4. Halloween Fascinators. OHHHHH, you KNOW you want this class! Imagine a Halloween costume you can put on and VOILA!, you’re ready for that cocktail or party after work. We’ll use padded headbands and sew your choice of spookiness to it, witch hat? spider? whatever you can think of. Sign up early, this will be popular. $30. Some sewing experience required.

Come see us at

1302 Commercial Street

Bellingham, WA  98225

Phone:  360-733-1323

- - - - - - - -
Monday through Saturday
11 am to 6 pm*

11 am to 4 pm

*Classes sometimes scheduled after 6 pm. See Classes Tab

Don't you just LOVE October!  Cozy sweaters, fun coats, knitted scarves, and then there's Halloween!  HOW does it get better than that.   We've got lots of classes coming up for Halloween prep.  

We're doing a Kids Class/Crazy/Scary Hats on October 29 (Saturday) for $5!  Seriously, $5!

Then we're doing a Halloween Fascinators class. You know fascinators - those teensy hats you wear.  We're going to make them with spiders or tiny witch hats, or bats - whatever you WANT on them!  Sign up and come play with us.

THEN - because we're BIG into DIY, we're starting our Gift Making series of classes.  Most cost around $25 and are skills you can pick up to make GREAT holiday gifts!  It's much cheaper to take a $25 class and then make a bunch of gifts than to spend $25 on each gift!  Right?

So check it out then call us up at 360-33-1323 or email us at info@socialfabricart.com to enroll.

Oct 1, Saturday, 1-4. Sheet/Pillow Case Class. Always wanted fabulous designer sheets but could not; a) find the ones that match your decor, or b) have enough $$ to buy them. Here’s the solution. We’ll make pillow cases AND trim out existing sheets to match! This is a GREAT gift idea for Holidays! $25 or FREE to students who have taken Beginning Sewing.

Oct 29, Saturday, 12-5. Hand Felting Hats, Part 1. ANOTHER “must take” class. We’ll take merino wool batts or roving and felt, full and block them into a hat. In Part 2 (in November) you’ll learn how to finish them into a stylish hat! $45 (for both parts). No sewing experience required.

Oct 12, Wednesday, 6:00-7:30. NO SEWcial. Instead, come to the Pickford and watch two documentaries about textiles which we are sponsoring.  First, THREADS (check out the story and trailer at their website http://www.yarnfilm.com/#synopsis) and YARN, story an trailer at http://www.yarnfilm.com/#synopsis

Oct 15, Saturday, 3-6. Pajama Bottoms. Learn how to make a simple pair of PJ bottoms (gift idea for Holidays?) $25 or FREE for students of Beginning Sewing. This could be your free class option!

Oct 26, Wednesday, 5:30-8. Sewing Machine MD*. Bring in your sewing machine and learn how to clean, oil and adjust it. This will save you OODLES of money in sewing machine maintenance fees in the future. AND, your sewing machine will love you for it! $45. No sewing experience required.

Questions about Classes?????

Oct 9, Sunday, 12-4. Gift Making/Cozy Slippers. We DARE you to try these on and not sign up. Seriously! Learn how to make them AND also how to re-size them for your friends/family members. $25. Some sewing experience required.

Oct 14, Friday, 12-6. Private Classes. Here’s your opportunity to tell us what YOU want to learn. Call us at 360-733-1323, and we’ll work out a class for you.

Oct 11, Tuesday, 12-6. Pattern Making II. This is the next step after Pattern Making I. We’ll focus on more complicated sleeves, facings, collars, jackets and much much more. $90. Pattern Making I required.

Oct 7, Friday, 6-9. Artwalk - Monster Doll Mashup! Exhibit. In September we had the cooperative Monster Doll class with Baker Creek Ceramics. The results are on display as our featured October Art show. Come see what you missed - and weep! MWAHAHAHA  FREE

Oct 30, Sunday, 12-4.  Make Your Own Leggings. Back by popular demand, we’ll measure you and then you will draft and sew a pair of leggings that will fit beautifully! $25. Sewing experience required.

October 2016 Classes

Oct 29, Saturday, 1-3:30. Kids Class/Crazy/Scary Halloween Hat.  Just what it sez, come make a fun halloween hat. $5. All levels welcome.

Oct 22, Saturday, 2-4. Animal Ears. These are ALLLL the rage at Market.  Make some to match your hair!  Kids can make them too.  They’re GREAT for part of your Halloween costume. $15.  All Levels OK.

Oct 28, 12-6. Private Class.  What do YOU want to learn. Call us at 360-833-1323 to schedule a class and negotiate a fee. Doesn’t have to be the entire 6 hours.  

Oct 2, Sunday, 12-4. Gift Making/Zipper Bags. Take this class and your holiday gift giving problems are OVER! We’ll make 2 or 3 different styles of bag and you’ll overcome your fear of zippers! $25. Some sewing experience required.

Oct 21, Friday, 5:30-9. Beginning Sewing. You KNOW you want to and you HAVE to have beginning skills to take all the other fun classes. $75 gets you 3 1/2 hours of basic sewing machine experience and then you can take another beginning level SEWING course offered by Social Fabric (your choice) for FREE!

Oct 1, Saturday, 12-6. Pattern Making 1. This class is essential if you want to start designing OR if you just want to know how patterns work so that you can alter, fix, or make your own.  $90. Some sewing experience required.