If you're like me, you've had JUST ABOUT ENOUGH of all this election brouhaha and are ready to get down to thinking of OTHER things.

So - here we are, knocking on the door of the 2016 Holiday season and at Social Fabric, we are thinking about Gift-Making Classes!  We KNOW how treasured a hand-made gift can be and we want to help you learn how to make some pretty crazy/cool gifts for your family and friends.  

Besides tackling your gift list - you will a) learn a NEW skill, and b) have fun doing it.  WIN/WIN!  ALSO, it's SO SO SO much cheaper to make gifts (and learn to make them) than to buy them.

Case in point - Fingerless Gloves.  These are UBER popular!  You can either take the class to learn how to make them for $25.  OR you can buy them at $25 EACH PAIR!  You do the math!

ALSO, we KNOW you have friends and family coming for the Thanksgiving holiday.  It's a wonderful time to get together and visit and cook and veg out.  BUT then there's the weekend AFTER Thanksgiving.  

Guests, as you know, need entertaining.  Bring 'em down to Social Fabric and show them what we've got going on here, this hybrid of gallery/boutiue/teaching facility.  We think they may enjoy it!

Thanksgiving weekend we have a two Hat trunk shows going with beautiful creations by two local milliners (hat makers), Daria Wheatly and Deb Waters.

And we KNOW you want to support local businesses, right!  That keeps your hard earned spending dollar IN town to circulate and strengthen our economy.

So, check out the classes below and email us at info@socialfabricart.com or call us at 360-733-1323 to enroll.


Questions about Classes?  Email us at info@socialfabricart.com OR call us at 360-733-1323

OR you can visit us at:

Social Fabric

1302 Commercial Street

(in the Parkade Building)

Bellingham, WA  98225

November 2016 Class Schedule

Social Fabric Hours:

Monday through Saturday 11-6

Sunday 11-4

Note:  Some classes are scheduled for after 6 p.m.