Cecil, by Molly Chambers


Our October 2016 cxhibit is a group of Monster Dolls, made by Social Fabric students (ages 12 to 70) and staff.  We often have our Monster Doll Class and we get together and make crazy looking dolls from fabric scraps, buttons, stuffing, etc.

THIS time, I thought it would be fun to give a "nod" to the older ceramic head/hands/feet dolls and incorporate ceramics and fabric into dolls, BUT - the goal was to make them for October, a traditionally "monster-oriented" time.

I contacted Deb, at Baker Creek Ceramics with my idea and she said "let's do it".  

So, one weekend, we (students and staff) met at Baker Creek Ceramics and made heads, hands, feet, flippers, etc. out of paper clay, which is much lighter form of clay.  We also glazed our creations at that session.

One week later, Deb delivered the fired ceramic Monster pieces to Social Fabric and we got the students and staff together to make the bodies.  

You only have to take a look at the results to see what kind of fun/creativity/chaos ensued.  This was more fun than a barrel of monkeys!  Note, many are for sale.   Contact us if you see anything you simply MUST have!


Slug Monster, by Finn Burwell

12 years old

Monster Doll Tree #1, by Nell Clymer

Double Trouble, by Renee Sherrer


Jack the Snake, by Molly Chambers


H-Rem, by Molly Chambers


Illegal Monster Alien, by Deb McCunn

Untitled Monster, made by Lucas Cousens (age 12)

King Monster Byrd, by Renee Sherrer


String-A-Long Cassidy, by Deb McCunn and Molly Chambers

Gertie Gastropoda, "She is such a slug!" by Aritas   $275.00

Tangerine Nightmare, by Beverly Larsen


Mental Mayhem, by Aritas


Monster Doll Mashup, by KarenHall

All the Monster Mashup Dolls on display

Babe, by Pam Turner

Monster Doll Tree #2, by Nell Clymer

Monster Mashup Doll, Kathy Bastow

Some People, they call me Maurice, by Molly Chambers


Komische Kat, by Molly Chambers and Deb McCunn, $180.00

Stip, by Molly Chambers and Deb McCunn