May 1, Sunday, noon - 4, Sewing Help. This class is NEW.  You want to make something, but don’t know how.  That’s what Sewing Help is all about.  It’s an open studio where you can bring your sewing problems and we will guide you in finding a solution.  $12/hr (includes sewing machine rental if you need one).  Bring your idea, your pattern, your fabric, everything you think you’ll need.  Let’s get this project going!  ALL SKILL LEVELS OK

May 5, Thursday, 1:30-3:30, KIDS CLASS - Make a Gift for Mom.  Moms enroll that kiddo in this class - they will have a good time, get to make something fun AND it gives them the opportunity to learn how to share.  $9.  ALL SKILL LEVELS OK

May 19, 26 & June 2, Thursday Evenings, 5:30 - 8, Pattern Making II.  You asked for it - here it is.  You want to take those Pattern Making I skills and move to the next step - Let’s go.  You’ll learn about pleats, ruffles, collars, cuffs, all kinds of design details for a garment - how to draft them and make everything fit together.  After this class - there are no excuses, you will be able to design whatever you can imagine.  $90, ADVANCED SKILLS

May 11, Wednesday, 5:30 - 8, SEWcial.  We’ve changed this to once a month.  Mark this on your calendar.  Come to show off what you’re making, or to get help, or to just chat with other sewists.  FREE  ALL SKILL LEVELS OK

May 7, Saturday, noon - 5, Monster Dolls.  This is your opportunity to let your hair down and just create.  The only rule in making a Monster Doll is….there are no rules!  Make a doll which will make you giggle every time you see it.  This class is good clean fun for beginners or advanced sewists. If you want to be more creative in your sewing - this is the perfect first step.  $45  ALL SKILL LEVELS OK​​

May 29, Sunday, CLOSED for SKI to SEA - Go out and support your team!​

May 25, Wednesday Evening, 5:30 - 8, Sewing Machine MD.  Resuscitate your sewing machine.  This class will teach you how to work on your sewing machine in order to keep it running smoothly.  If you take care of it, it will perform for years!  Think of the money you will save NOT taking it to the sewing machine repair folks!  $45  ALL LEVELS OK

May 2016 Classes

May 12, Thursday, 1:30 - 3:30 Parent/Kid Class, Wings and Capes.  WHAT kid doesn’t need either a pair of wings or a cape (or both?). Come and make your kid’s dream come true.  $9  ALL SKILL LEVELS OK

Call Social Fabric at 360-733-1323 or email us at to enroll in any class.  We will give you a materials list when you enroll.  Find us at 1302 Commercial Street, Bellingham, WA.  Free Parking on Weekends.

May 15 & 22, Sundays, noon to 4, Copy a Garment Without Taking it Apart!  EVERY one of us has that favorite jacket, skirt, pant, whatever, that you cannot bear to part with, NOR can you find another one like it!  No worries.  Bring it in and learn how to copy that garment without taking it apart!  Then you’ll have the pattern and you can make as many as you want!  $45 (+ $9 materials fee).  MORE THAN BEGINNER SKILLS NEEDED

May 7, Saturday, noon - 4, Feather Flags.  Ski to Sea, team sports, heck - make these for your yard.  We made one for our store!  Come make these colorful banners to show your spirit and support for your team, or just because it’s fun!  $25 ALL SKILL LEVELS OK

May 3, 10 & 24, Tuesday Evenings, 5:30 - 8, Pattern Making I.  So you want to create some of your own designs? You simply HAVE to take Pattern Making I to know how to do that (OR hire someone to make your patterns! - that’s NOT cheap!)   Here’s your opportunity to learn how patterns work, how they fit together, why darts are placed where they are, etc.  When you know THAT, you’re on the road to creating your own designs.  $90    MORE THAN A BEGINNER LEVEL​

May 8, Sunday, noon - 4, (Not So Mad) Mad Hatter’s/Mother’s Day Tea Party.  Complete with crowns, hats, tea, snacks - bring your mom, or a sister or a friend - or even a stranger!  Come and celebrate Mom’s with us, and hats, and sewing …. all things fun and wonderful!  FREE

May is all about Mother's Day, Ski to Sea, short school days and HATS!  I know that sounds a little incongrous.  BUT, we are celebrating HATS HATS HATS in May.  We have an amazing hat exhibit this month from a group of milliners in the Pacific Northwest.  AND, as we usually do, we have some classes featuring hat making, trimming, etc.  We are also featuring more and more classes about Pattern Making (Pattern Making I and II) AND we'll offer the Copy-a-Garment....class again this month.  Take a gander at our May offerings.  I'm sure you'll find something you want to do!

(The class descriptions are below the calendar)

May 14, 21 & 28, Saturday, 3 - 6, Beginning Sewing.  LEARN TO SEW!  Whether you want to sew for yourself, your family, or just save on mending - this is the first step.  NO nightare sewing class memories allowed here - just fun!  $95  BEGINNERS OK

May 19, Thursday, 1:30 - 3:30, Kid/Adult Class - Team Pennants & Pompoms YAY!  SO many things happening in sports this month.  You MUST have a favorite team you want to support.  Come make a pennant or some pompoms to show your team spirit.  $5  ALL LEVELS WELCOME

May 14, Saturday, 2 - 5, Straw Hat Redo.  We’re featuring HATS HATS HATS this month.  Women used to just “refresh” their straw hat every year by putting on new ribbon, trims, flowers, net - whatever.  Bring in a favorite (but tired) straw hat or buy one from us for $10.00 and we’ll “fancy it up” in this class.  $25 ALL LEVELS WELCOME​

May 6, Friday, 5:30 to late, Art Walk Night.  This month we’re featuring an amazing exhibit of hats, made by Seattle milliners.  You have to come in and see how they create the hat as an art form.  FREE