March 13 (Sunday) noon - 3, Sewing Machine MD

OK, this class is so popular we've decided to have it twice a month!  We had NO idea how many people wanted to know how to take care of their sewing machine.  Bring in that machine, two terrycloth towels, a soft rag, your manual, and all sewing machine accoutrements.  Both you AND your machine will be very happy.  Think of the savings you'll have - not taking it to the sewing machine repair store!!!!  $45

March 5 (Saturday) noon - 4

Sewing with Vinyl

You've seen those amazing bags Molly makes out of advertising banners.  Well she's willing to share her secrets as to how she sews with vinyl to make them!   Of course you can just buy a bag or two, OR you can take this class and make your own.   We're good with both options.  $25

March 12 (Saturday) 3 - 6, Transfer Images on Fabric

WHO hasn't wanted to learn how to do this.  There are many processes to transfer images onto fabric.  We'll explore at LEAST three!  Collect the images you want to transfer and then register for the class.  We'll tell you what to bring.  $30  NO Experience Required

March 17 (Thursday) noon - 1, Infinity Scarf Part 1

March 24 (Thursday) noon - 1, Infinity Scarf Part 2

These scarves are about the easiest thing you could possibly learn to make.  We broke it up into two Brown Bag Classes (March 17 & 24) but you might get it done in one.  What's not to love, you get to eat lunch AND go back to the office with a fun fashion accessory.  WIN/WIN!   We supply fabric and machine. $20

March 2016 Class Schedule


March 12 (Saturday) noon - 5

Bag Design

Bags are HARD!  It's because you have to make the pattern and sew them inside out, upside down, and in reverse order.  THAT's a challenge for any seamstress or seamster.  Molly is going to walk you through the ins and outs of Bag Design so you can create that PERFECT BAG/PURSE which you've been searching for.   $30

March 8, 15th, & 22nd (Tuesdays) 5:30 - 8

Beginning Sewing

We noticed that SO many of our classes call for you to have Basic Sewing Skills but we haven't offered much in the way of Beginning Sewing classes.  THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY to get those skills behind you and learn enough to enroll in those other classes that sound like so much fun!  NO SEWING SKILLS REQUIRED.  $95

March 18 (Friday) 2-4, Make Friends with your Sewing Machine

If you and your sewing machine are no longer on speaking terms - we'll help you with an intervention, aka our class "Make Friends with your Sewing Machine.  Dig it out of the basement, attic or closet, dust it off and bring it down.  We re-introduce the two of you and before you know it - you'll be friends again!  Seriously, this class is for folks who feel like they've forotten everything they ever knew about using their machine.  FREE!

March 31 (Thursday) noon - 1, Brown Bag Class

Make a Simple Envelope Pillow

Learn how to make a simple pillow and you'll be ready to decorate your entire home (with pillows).  PLUS you get to have lunch while you learn HOW to be a great interior designer!  We supply Fabric and machine.  $10

March 26 (Saturday) noon to 5,

How to Make your Own Leggings

Finally - you can make tights that fit YOU! In a perfect world, you'd use a serger to make tights.  BUT we will make tights on our sewing machines.  You need a sewing machine that has a zig zag stitch AND preferably an overlock stitch of some kind (not ABSOLUTELY necessary).  We'll talk about the kind of fabric you need to make tights (2-way stretch) and the amount of stretch that fabric needs to have.  $40

March 10, 17, 24 (Thursday Evenings) 5:30 to 8, Pattern Making I

OK - here it is - the class you've been asking for, Pattern Making I.  This class is for people who:

a) want to know WHY and HOW patterns are constructed so they can improve their sewing,

b) want to create a line of clothing of your own,

c) want to expand your skills so that you can work in the sewing industry,

d) want to sew for others privately or professionally.

The Doctor is IN!  Resuscitate your sewing machine.  This class will teach you how to work on your sewing machine in order to keep it running smoothly.  You know how it goes - take care of your tools and they'll take care of you.  Have you checked out what it costs to get your machine tuned up.  YIKES!  Save some money, learn to do it yourself.  $45

March 19 (Saturday) noon - 5, Monster Doll Class

BACK by popular demand.  If you haven't made one of these - well, I can't believe you've had much fun in life.  This is the most (legal) fun you can have with a sewing machine.   Last month, we maxed out this class.  Sign up early.  $45

March 11 (Friday) 2 - 5,  Spring is on the way!  Come make a Flower Crown!  ‚Äč   We know you kids are out of school.  Get mom or dad to bring you down to Social Fabric and we'll make some Flowers to put on a Flower Crown for Spring (which is just around the corner!)  Adults - you can come and make a flower crown too!  $20

March 30 (Wednesday) 5:30 - 7:30  Sewing Machine MD

March 16 (Tuesday) 5-ish to 8, SEWcial.  

Come and sew with us - OK maybe we'll sew, maybe we'll just chat - it depends on what you WANT to do.  There will be snacks so you don't go hungry.  Bring a project that you've hit a snag on and we'll take a look and give you our 2 cents worth on how to move forward.  OR bring something you'd like to "crow" over!  Everyone needs to show off what they're making.  ALL skill levels welcome.  FREE!

March 10 (Thursday) noon -1, Brown Bag Class

Fabric Identification  

Everyone has that "odd" piece of fabric that they just don't know what it's made of.  Can you dye it?  Can you wash it?  Can you press it???  IF you knew the fiber content - you'd have an answer to those questions.  Bring your lunch and we'll show you how to test fabrics for content.  We supply all materials for the class.  $10

March 20 (Sunday) noon - 4,

Zipper Bunnies

These are SO cute we HAD to offer a class in making them.    The fun thing is - they can hold a surprise (inside the zipper mouth - it took ALL the self control we had not to put a cigarette in this bunny's mouth before taking the photo).  Easter is on it's way - come in and make a few of these for your bunny pals. $25

WHEW - January and February are over and done with and we can begin to see the edge of Spring approaching.  YAY!  With all this great (February) Spring weather, we're going to focus on Spring AND bring in some basic skills classes, like pattern making. 

Of course we'll have our regularly scheduled Sewing Machine MD class and the SEWcials.  Come join us!

March 2nd AND 16th (1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month) 5-ish to 8,  SEWcial.  Come and sew with us - OK maybe we'll sew, maybe we'll just chat - it depends on what you WANT to do.  There will be snacks so you don't go hungry.  Bring a project that you've hit a snag on and we'll take a look and give you our 2 cents worth on how to move forward.  OR bring something you'd like to "crow" over!  Everyone needs to show off what they're making.  ALL skill levels welcome.  FREE!

THIS IS DIFFERENT from the HOW TO READ A PATTERN class.  Here are just a FEW of the things you'll learn in this class: the basics of how patterns work, how things fit together,  why darts are placed where they are, notches (their placement and purpose), how to draft facings, etc.  

We will focus on a bodice, sleeve, skirt and pant pattern.  

THIS IS A DRAFTING CLASS.  We will NOT be doing any sewing.  You will build a notebook for future reference.  This class will also prepare you for Pattern Making II, Draping on the Form AND Sloper Class.  $90  If that seems expensive to you - check out other pattern making classes offered in Seattle and Vancouver, then call us.  

March 6 (Sunday) noon - 3, Part 1

March 13 (Sunday) noon - 3,  Part 2

How to Read a Pattern

Exactly WHAT do all those lines and squiggles mean on a pattern?  How do you know what size to buy.  What do you do if your a different size on top and bottom????  Pattern reading is not that easy.  Not knowing how to read a pattern is the #1 reason a sewing project will fail.  Enroll in this class you will learn how to decipher all that information on the back of the pattern, how to choose a size, how to read the pattern pieces, and more!  $60