Karin Mueller

Assemblage and Collage

Karin is a local artist, whose work we're SURE you've seen before.  She has been creating her own brand of "magic" with her assemblages and collages for years, yet they are always fresh and fascinating.

We asked Karin to have a show and draw, from her fast colletion of collage materials, items which could refer to fashion or textile.

Well, Karin hit it out of the ball park (as usual).  You should come and see what she's made THIS time. 

She has created pieces which are "rememberances" of glamour...what could be better than an art exhibit - about fashion!  Double fabulous!  

Take a look - see for yourself.  AND, by the way - her pieces don't stick around long.  If you see something you like, jump on it.  I'm sure they'll go fast.  Here are just a FEW examples.