June 29, Wednesday, 5:30-8, Sewing Machine MD. If you don’t take care of that machine - it won’t sew well and WHO want’s that kind of headache! Bring it in, and Molly will go through a step by step process and teach you how to maintain it yourself and save LOADS of $$$ in maintenance fees.  $45*.  All levels welcome.

June 18, Saturday, 4-6, Sewing Machine MD.  If you don’t take care of that machine - it won’t sew well and WHO want’s that kind of headache!  Bring it in, and Molly will go through it, step by step to teach you how to maintain it yourself and save LOADS of $$$ in maintenance fees.  $45*.  All levels welcome.

June 8, Wednesday, 5:30-8, SEWcial.  Come share what you’re working on, bring in a problem project, crow over your success, or just come to chat. FREE!  All levels welcome.

To Enroll, or for more information, contact us at:


or check out our Facebook Page at Social Fabric 

OR, call us at 360-733-1323, or just come by

Social Fabric at 1302 Commercial Street.

*Note:  If you’re not mechanically inclined or don’t have the time or inclination to do this for yourself, bring your machine into Social Fabric and we’ll do it for you.  Price quoted upon reviewing the condition of the machine.

We reserve the right to add more classes as we see fit. Check our Facebook page and emails to get more information.

If you’re interested in getting information on upcoming classes and events - send us an email at info@socialfabricart.com and we’ll add you to our mailing list.

Life’s too short, create something.

June 12, Sunday, 12-4, Zipper Bags.  These are fun to make and fantastic gifts!  This class is guaranteed to cure your fear of zippers!  $20  Some sewing experience required.

June 11, 18, 25,Saturday, 12-3, Beginning Sewing/Part 1 of 3.  This is your opportunity to learn how to make that sewing machine do what you’d like it to do!  Millions of people create their own fashions and home decor by sewing.  You can too!  Come in and learn the basics.  Then - the sky is the limit!  $95.  No sewing experience required.

June 9, Thursday, 3-5, FREE Class, Make a Key Fob for Dad. Father’s day is coming up.  Free while materials last. No sewing experience required.

June 23, Thursday, After Hours Art. Line, Shape, and Color Workshop. Create a string of geometric shapes using colored transparent paper. In conjunction with the Whatcom Museum of Art and History, we are presenting a workshop in  which you can incorporate images and messages to make a 3-D prayer flag. We will provide materials and construction assistance. $25 General/$20 Whatcom Museum Members. Pre-registration at Whatcom Museum required. Register at the Lightcatcher admissions desk or contact Mary Jo Maute by clicking on this email link, or by calling 360.778.8961. All levels welcome.

June 17, Friday, 2-5, Egg Gathering Apron. If you have chickens you MUST have this apron. If you don’t have chickens, make one for someone who does (maybe trade for fresh eggs???) Each pocket cradles one egg so you get back to the house with them all intact!  GENIUS.  $15.  Some sewing experience required.

June 3, Friday, 5 - 9,Art Walk AND Night Market/two fabulous events - one night!  We’ll be set up outside and teaching a free class, Making a Key Fob for Dad (Father’s day IS in June!) FREE. While supplies last.  No sewing experience required.

June 16, Thursday, 2-5, Crown for a King/Kids or Adults Class.  Dad’s day is literally in a few days. Crown your dad with a fun Crown you make yourself.  It’s the most fun you can have with scraps of fabric and glue gun!  $10.  All levels welcome.

June 5, Sunday, 12-5, Slip Covers for those Sad Outdoor Chairs!  Can’t afford to replace your sunbaked outdoor chairs?  Spiff them up with slip covers! It’s not hard, you just need to know how to go about it.  Once you know how, you can change them annually! $40. Some sewing experience required.

June 2016 Classes

June 11, 18, Saturday, 3-6, How to Copy a Garment Without Taking it Apart/Part 1 of 2.  EVERYONE has a garment they just cannot bear to part with, but it’s worn out, doesn’t fit, wrong color..whatever.  Bring it in and we’ll teach you how to copy it without taking it apart.  Then you can make it over and over!  $45, $9/materials fee.  Some sewing experience required.

June 10, Friday, 2-5, Vinyl Bags.  You HAVE to have bags for the grocery store, right?  Why not make them out of recycled vinyl banners (we supply).  These are GREAT for gifts, OR, you can keep them all for yourself.  $25.  Some sewing experience required.

June 19, Sunday, Father’s Day.  Social Fabric will be closed.  Go have fun with your dad!  Don’t forget to take that crown you made at Social Fabric on June 16!

June 4, Saturday, 12-4, Bias Cut Tank Top.  Ladies - this is a Summer BASIC!  Learn how the make one in every color of the rainbow.  It will fit you perfectly AND expand your wardrobe immeasurably.  $20.  Some sewing experience required.

Can you believe this amazing weather.  I have half a mind to move some tables outside and work out on the sidewalk!  

NOW - you say, WHO wants to be inside learning about sewing something when it's so gorgeous outside - good point.  EXCEPT that the entire front of our store is windows, open to view the world (so it's not like we're in a classroom/cave).  AND - heck, most classes are 2 to 4 hours - the same amount of time you'd spend inside a movie theatre for a long film!

So get down to Social Fabric, we guarantee you will find that time well spent AND fun!  THAT being said, we DO have some "outside" classes in mind - mostly on how to get your outdoor furniture looking spiffy.  

I KNOW you have some outdoor chairs that have seen better days.  You know the ones - the plastic/resin is all chalky and comes off on your clothes when you sit on them.  UGH!  Slip cover those puppies!  Seriously - it is E A S Y.  It's a pattern making thing.  You say you don't know how - WELLLLLL- that's cool.  We'll walk you through the process.  Making a slipcover pattern for an outdoor chair is a WHOLE lot easier than making a pattern for a garment.  You won't believe the difference it will make in your deck/patio AND you can impress all your dinner party friends.  WHUT...you're not having dinner parties - maybe its because you have those awful chairs you don't want people to sit on.  Yes, I know - this sounds a little like I've had too much experience with this subject.  ENOUGH - check out our calendar, then read on to see what it's all about.

Oh - did I mention the Egg-gathering apron...THIS is genius.  Thank you Molly!

June 9, 16, 30, Thursdays, 5:30-8, Pattern Making I/Part 1 of 3.  If you’ve ever wanted to know just HOW patterns work, how to change them, how to make your own, maybe even your own styles, this is the class for you.  You’ll create a reference notebook with everything you’ve learned.  $90.   This is a drafting class. We will not be sewing.