July 14,15, Thursday & Friday, 2 - 4, Kids Transfer Pillow (2 Part Class).  Kids, bring in a drawing and we’ll transfer it on to fabric and you can make a pillow with the image on it!  $15. No sewing experience required.

July 17, Sunday, 12 - 4, Franken Shirts.  Upcycling is ALL the rage.  Bring in some men’s shirts, some lace - whatever you have laying around, and we’ll give that shirt a new life as a summer top! $40.  Some sewing experience required.

July 4, Monday, Closed for the 4th of July. Relax, celebrate, stay safe and enjoy the holiday.  Don't forget to fly that flat you made in the Make a Flag class!

July 23, 24, Saturday and Sunday, 12 - 3, Photo Process on Fabric (2 Part class).  You’ve asked for this class - here it is.  Saturday we will sensitize our fabric and review your negative for the best results. The FUN part comes on Sunday, when the photograph gets exposed!  Imagine the possibilities!  $50 (includes all photo chemicals and equipment)  All Levels OK, no sewing experience required.

July 2016 Class Schedule

July 1, Friday, 5:30 - 9, Artwalk. Get downtown, walk around, see some art. HOW could that not be a lot of fun?

July 9, 16, 23, Saturday, 3 - 6, Beginning Sewing (3 Part Class).  This is your opportunity to learn how to make that sewing machine do what you’d like it to do!  Millions of people create their own fashions and home decor by sewing.  You can too!  Come in and learn the basics.  Then - the sky is the limit!  $95.  No sewing experience required.

July 7, 14, 21, Thursday, 5:30 - 8, Pattern Making II/ (3 Part Class).  This class continues your exploration after Pattern Making I.  My goal is for you to take an image of a garment and know how the pattern was made.  THAT’s what I’m talking about.  THAT is an amazing talent.  $90.  Pattern Making I is a prerequisite.

July 9, Saturday, 12 - 5, Floor Cloths! You seriously want to take this class and make a fun, colorful floor cloth for your porch or patio.  $25, $20/materials fee.  We will supply floor cloth and some paint. You bring a design (simple is best to start with).  All levels OK.

July 13, Wednesday, 5:30 - 8. SEWcial.  Come share what you’re working on, bring in a problem project, crow over your succes, or just come by to chat. FREE!  All levels welcome.

July 21, 22, 28 & 29 Friday and Saturday, 2 - 4,  Kids Beginning Sewing (4 Part Class).  Enroll those kids - get them busy learning how to sew.  We’ll have a fun project for them.  We'll make a thread catcher, a pillow for their room and who knows what else!  This class is guaranteed to get them excited about sewing.  $90. Must be 8 years old.  No sewing experience required. 

We reserve the right to add more classes as we see fit. Check our Facebook page and emails to get more information.

If you’re interested in getting information on upcoming classes and events - send us an email at info@socialfabricart.com and we’ll add you to our mailing list.

Life’s too short, create something.

July 16, Saturday, 12 - 2, Sewing Machine MD.  If you don’t take care of that machine - it won’t sew well and WHO want’s that kind of headache!  Bring it in, and Molly will go step by step to teach you how to maintain it yourself and save LOADS of $$$ in maintenance fees.  $45*.  All levels OK.

July 27, Wednesday, 5:30-8:00, Sewing Machine MD. If you don’t take care of that machine - it won’t sew well and WHO want’s that kind of headache!  Bring it in, and Molly will go step by step to teach you how to maintain it yourself and save LOADS of $$$ in maintenance fees.  $45*.  All levels OK.

Oh sweet sweet July.  HOW can we celebrate this gorgeous month...how about by taking it outside with the classes!  This month, we actually will have some classes outside - yes on the sidewalk.  We'll be painting floor cloths outside, exposing photosensitized fabric outside, heck, maybe we'll just drag some tables outside, hook up some extension cords to sewing machines and SEW outside!  Take a look at this calendar to see what I'm talking 'bout.

July 2, Saturday, noon - 4, Make a Flag.  With the 4th of July in two days - get busy!  You don’t have to make a US flag, you can make any kind of flag you like.  Come join us in creating our “colors” to fly for all the world to see. $25.  Some sewing experience required.

​To Enroll, or for more information, contact us at:


or check out our Facebook Page at Social Fabric 

OR, call us at 360-733-1323, or just come by 
Social Fabric at 1302 Commercial Street.

July 10, Sunday, 12 - 4, Sewing Open Studio. Stymied with a sewing project - who hasn’t had that experience! Come on in to the Sewing Open Studio.  This is not a private class, but a multi-person studio opportunity. The goal is to get you over the hump on that difficult project and set you on the path to finishing it!  $7/hr.  All levels welcome.