Bracelets, Bracelets, Bracelets!

Bracelets are an easy way to spruce up an outfit with little investment.  We have a wonderful and wide variety of bracelets in knitted metal, wood, bone, horn, cast metal, rubber, chain, and leather!

A HUGE variety of wooden bracelets (price wise, shape, and thickness).  

Druzy Rings

These rings are literally rocks that have been shaped, had a finger hole drilled through them and then the polished.  They have an amazing crystalline top surface and are truly one of a kind.  $69.00

We are BIG into up-cycling at Social Fabric and as you'll see from the following selection, it's not JUST about sustainability - it's the challenge of giving something a new and longer life as a new and beautiful or fun thing.

Stackable Rings

We love these stackable pearl and sterling rings.  They're $29 each.  They're great for buying one-at-a-time, to commemorate important events, birthday, anniversary, whatever....

Leather and metal Bracelets - just casual enough to wear with jeans, but arty enough to wear more formally.  These come in turquoise/silver, light brown/copper, dk Brown/silver, and black/silver.  Classy is the only way to describe these.


Rubber jewelry, made from bicycle inner tubes.  Genius!

Kathy Bastow's jewelry takes up-cycling to a new level.  She makes her pieces out of license plates, credit cards, decorative tin boxes, beads, you name it. But, you'd never know it by looking at them - they're THAT elegant!  Anything I write would be superflous - just come down and see them for yourself.  You'll see why we're so excited about her work.
Prices vary from $15 to $55

TWO things going for these fun bracelets.  One, the fact that they have a "measuring tape" feel to them and two, they're black and white, which goes with everything!

Elegant bracelets made from shell.  The iridiscence is so beautiful.