January 13 (Wednesday) 5:30 to 7:30,

Fingerless Gloves.  OO LA LA nothing says elegance like fingerless gloves, PLUS they're warm! AND you can still use your cell phone while wearing them!  You can buy them at Social Fabric for $29.00 OR you can take this class and make your own for $30.00. You do the math - after this class, you can make as many as you like.  We'll be using sweater parts, so this class is a GREAT way to get started up-cycling sweaters for the Franken-Sweater class we're giving in February.  


January 2016 Class Schedule

January 6 AND 20th (1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month) 5-ish to 8,  SEWcial.  Come and sew with us - OK maybe we'll sew, maybe we'll just chat - it depends on what you WANT to do.  There will be snacks so you don't go hungry.  Bring a project that you've hit a snag on and we'll take a look and give you our 2 cents worth on how to move forward.  OR bring something you'd like to "crow" over!  Everyone needs to show off what they're making. FREE!

January 20 (Wednesday), 5-ish to 8,  SEWcial.  Come and sew with us - OK maybe we'll sew, maybe we'll just chat - it depends on what you WANT to do.  There will be snacks so you don't go hungry.  Bring a project that you've hit a snag on and we'll take a look and give you our 2 cents worth on how to move forward.  OR bring something you'd like to "crow" over!  Everyone needs to show off what they're making.  ALL skill levels welcome.  FREE!

January 10, (Sunday) noon to 4, Stuffie Love!  The Sewing Doctors are IN.  Bring by your stuffed toy(s) that need some TLC and we'll see what can be done to make them all better.  We'll have several "Doctors" in residence to help you do some mending, maybe some more stuffing - whatever needs doing to get your friend feeling and looking better.  NO FEE - Donation recommeded.  All donations will go to the Bellingham Humane Society.

drawing by Erin Libby.  THANKS for sharing it with us Erin!

January 31 (Sunday), noon - 4

Make a Heart...Pillow

Make your sweetie pie a loving place to lay their sweet head.  This is an EASY class and you'll go away with this super Valentine gift.  Win/Win!


January 17 (Sunday), noon to 3, Crazy Striped Scarf.  These are so cute and certainly NOT for the person who loves subtle accessories.  Don't you NEED a bit of crazy color on these gray January days?  Bring some striped fabric (knit or woven - but knit is probably better) and we'll have a bunch of trims, scraps, etc., to add to it.  Come join us in making these fun scarves.  Enroll in this class, we'll turn up the tunes and have a party making these scarves.


January 29 (Friday), 5:30 - 8, AND

January 30 (Saturday), 11-6

Make A Corset (Parts 1 & 2)

With Valentine's day right around the corner NOW is the time to think about getting out that sexy corset and...what you don't HAVE a sexy corset???  Well then, let's fix that.  EVERY woman knows that having a sexy corset is the best way to "pitch woo".  

Of course, getting one to fit is the problem.  THUS our offering this class, which is NOT for the faint of heart.  Getting those curves under control (to point skyward, instead of becoming one with gravity), therein lies the challenge.  BUT - it can be done with the right materials and skills.  We will take measurements, draft a pattern, and cut, sew, and fit a muslin version of the corset.  Then we'll make necessary changes and make a final corset with your choice, an hook & eye OR lace-up closure.  $85.00

We've got a lot of great classes to offer you in January.  Take a gander.  IF you don't see what you want - shoot us an email at info@socialfabricart.com  Let us know what you're looking for.  OR if you have a class you'd like to teach - get hold of us at the same email addy.​

January 19 (Tuesday), 6 to 9,

Bed Capelette.

WHAT could be better on a long Winter's night than hanging out in bed, reading or watching a movie and wearing a Bed Capelette.  WHAT you may ask is that!  It's a short (or whatever length you like) capelette you wear over your shoulders to keep you warm and cozy while sitting up in bed.  No more finagaling those blankets up around your ears to keep out the draft!  This is also a wonderful thing to make for someone who is bedridden.  Give them the gift of warmth and comfort.  $30

And last, but not least - our final January 2016 class offering... notice the segueway into Valentine's day.... Ladies - this IS a Leap Year...get a plan!

January 9 (Saturday) noon to 3, Make Friends with your Sewing Machine  If you and your sewing machine are not on speaking terms - we'd like to help you with that.  Dig it out, dust it off, bring it in and we'll re-introduce you two.  We'll oil it up, clean it out, find out what needs fixing.   If it's working properly, we'll make an Infinity scarf!  Bring your Machine, power cord, feet, bobbins - ALL that stuff that came with it.  FREE! 

You MIGHT notice a trend in our January class offerings.  We're trying to bring some color and coziness into your wintery January days by offering some classes with cozy materials and bright colors.  PLUS, you'll be gaining a new skill AND have fun.  Win/win!

January 24 (Sunday) noon to 2, Apron Mania.  Bring a pair of old pants (good excuse to peruse Goodwill or Value Village) and we'll teach you how to up-cycle them into a handy apron.  In our book, the crazier the pants the better..  $20

January 16 (Saturday) 3 to 6,

Killer Slippers.  Just try them on and you'll see what we're talking about.  They feel like you're wearing socks but they are not slippery on floors.  They're made out of Sherpa fabric (fleece on one side, faux suede on the other).   We'll supply the fabric.  We'll have a full spectrum of sizes and will teach you how to make them in your size.  Then we'll show you how to measure someone else's foot to make a pair in THEIR size!  Yet another gift idea.  $30.00

January 24 (Saturday) 2 to 5, Beginning Sewing "Light"   WHAT in the world could that be?  We would like to give Beginning Students the opportunity to get a few skills under their belt - threading the machine, winding a bobbin, simple "fixes" for when stitches go wrong.  We'll teach you how to get your machine up and running AND we'll help you create an Infinity Scarf.  You should go home with some new skills AND a cool scarf!  Super!  $40

January 23 (Saturday), noon to 5,

Monster Voo Doo Dolls.  Don't let that "Voo Doo" title scare you off - they're only funny/ugly (in a cute way) dolls made from scraps.  This class is GUARANTEED to chase those winter blues away - at least for a day!  This is the most fun you can have with scraps of fabric, thread, buttons, a sewing machine and/or hand sewing.  You will want to make a bunch of them.  Bring your pals, share materials, have a giggle and let's make it a party.  We challenge you to make the ugliest one you can.  There WILL be a prize for the Ugliest Monster Doll.  $35

Thanks to Molly for making little miss Penelope (right)

The Doctor is IN!  Resuscitate your sewing machine.  This class will teach you how to work on your sewing machine in order to keep it running smoothly.  You know how it goes - take care of your tools and they'll take care of you.  Have you checked out what it costs to get your machine tuned up.  YIKES!  Save some money, learn to do it yourself.  $45

January 16 (Saturday) noon to 3,

Zipper Bags.  If you're scared of putting in a zipper - THIS is the class for you.  We will make three bags, each a different shape (2 of them shown here).  Each will require putting in a zipper.  We'll teach you an easy way to sew in a zipper.  After doing that three times, you'll be a pro (OK - maybe not a pro), but you will have addressed your fear of zippers!)  These are the COOLEST things for organizing your stuff OR you can make them for gifts!  They don't take a lot of fabric.  After this class - you'll be making zipper bags right and left!  $30
Material lists

January 27 (Wednesday), 5:30 - 8, Sewing Machine MD