Music for the Pleasures of Pan

29"w x 19"t x 2"d

Denise Snyder

paper, string, sticks

Flight Compartments, 24”w x 30”h. This one uses Floating Pond Algae in the background, and feathers with cattail paper.

Anita Boyle

Shell Game

handmade paper, natural elements from my environment

Anita Boyle

18" x 24"


Social Fabric
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Icarus, Past the Verge

handmade paper, various elements

12" x 15"

Anita Boyle

Paper is an amazingly rich medium.  Anita Boyle creates some amazing hand-made paper collages.  She is a poet and an artist, and in her work you can see how she creates "visual poetry" in her assemblages.

Denise Snyder's work is ephemeral, natural, clean and intimate, a fascinating combination of plant forms from branch to paper to fiber.

Renee Sherrer's work is a study in layers.  She sandwiches images or fibers between super sheer layers of Japanese paper pulp to make ephemeral and delightfully playful pieces.

top piece, Three Friends

7" x 6"

bottom piece, Celebration

6" x 6"

Denise Snyder

Assemblage of paper, rafia, thread, sticks, assorted objects

The Story of R


assemblage, handmade paper, found objects

Anita Boyle

Saga of Circles and Dragonflies, 

21”w x 37”h

Anita Boyle

Two Paper Curtains

Japanese Kozo, Gampi and Matsumoto paper pulps, rafia, string, nylon string

Renee Sherrer

appx 50" x 95"

This is how you make a 50" wide, 90" tall paper curtain from Japanese paper pulp

Handmade Paper Exhibit, April 2016

Lingerie Dreams

Handmade Japanese Paper, silk organza, thread, screen printing, dye transfer

Renee Sherrer