WOW!  We've got a lot of fun planned for you this month!

First off - Friday, Feb 3, Art Walk Night.  We have an exhibition entitled LOVE FOR SALE.

We'll have art work by local artists and these pieces are ALSO Valentines!  What a fun idea.  The pieces will all be for sale and nothing will be priced higher than $30.  So, you can buy an art piece AND a Valentine for your sweetie.  Win/win!

Then, of course, we have a lot of our regular classes, copying a garment, pattern making, Monster Dolls, etc.  

We've added some classes that people have been asking for for a LONG time. Take a peek below and see what catches your eye and then give us a call at 360-733-1323 or email us at to enroll.

February 2017 Class Calendar