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February 20 (Saturday) 3 to 6, 
Killer Slippers  Just try them on and you'll see what we're talking about.  They feel like you're wearing socks but they are not slippery on floors.  They're made out of Sherpa fabric (fleece on one side, faux suede on the other).   We'll supply the fabric.  We'll have a full spectrum of sizes and will teach you how to make them in your size.  Then we'll show you how to measure someone else's foot to make a pair in THEIR size!  Yet another gift idea.  $30.00

February 7 (Sunday) noon to 3, 

Make Friends with your Sewing Machine  If you and your sewing machine are not on speaking terms - we'd like to help you with that.  Dig it out, dust it off, bring it in and we'll re-introduce you two.  We'll help you to oil it up, clean it out, find what needs fixing.   If it's working properly, we'll make an Infinity scarf!  Bring your machine, power cord, feet, bobbins - ALL that stuff that came with it.  FREE!

The Doctor is IN!  Resuscitate your sewing machine.  This class will teach you how to work on your sewing machine in order to keep it running smoothly.  You know how it goes - take care of your tools and they'll take care of you.  Have you checked out what it costs to get your machine tuned up.  YIKES!  Save some money, learn to do it yourself.  $45

In case you missed our January Zipper Bag Class, here's your opportunity to come to this one.  This is one of our most popular class.

February 14 (Sunday) - a day for love! noon to 3,

Fleecy Pillow

Of course you have plans to celebrate love with your partner but what about those kiddos?  This class is a fabulous way to spend a cold Sunday in February, making a fun/fleecy pillow with your parnter OR kiddo!  OR you can come without anyone else - your call.  Not only are these fun cuddly gifts to make, they're a fun decor item for your bedroom or living room. $30 by yourself, $40 if you bring a partner

Another class from January, back by popular demand.

February 29 (Sunday) LEAP DAY! noon to 3,

Fingerless Gloves and Hat

If you're not busy asking someone to marry you on Leap Day - come to this class and learn how to up-cycle old sweaters into fingerless gloves and a hat.  This is the LEAST you can do to treat yourself to some cozy accessories AND learn how to up-cycle a sweater.  $35

February 6 (Saturday) noon - 3, Cozy Toys

These sweet stuffed toys are made from up-cycled sweaters.  HOW better to show your love than to make something soft to hold onto AND to save a nano-bit of our planet by repurposing some old sweaters (every nano bit helps!)  We'll have several toy patterns from which you can choose, an elephant, a whale, a kitty (2 of them shown here).  $30

February 2016 Class Schedule

February 21 (Sunday) noon to 4, 


This is where you shriek and run, right?  Wrong.  Instead of being scared - bring 2 or 3  (or more) sweaters that sort of "work" together (either by color or texture) and we'll show you how to cut them up and re-combine them into a new, hipper sweater.  You will find this is JUST the beginning to unleashing your creative up-cycling talents.  $45

February 27 (Saturday) noon to 3,

Hot Dog! Or Warm Kitty

Franken-Sweater class just got your juices flowing, right?  NOW you can make a cool doggy Jacket (or kitty sweater) from an up-cycled sweater.  HOW CUTE!!!!   $25

February 24 (Wednesday) 5:30 to 8,    Sewing Machine MD

February 3 (Wednesday) 5-ish to 8,  SEWcial  

Come and sew with us - OK maybe we'll sew, maybe we'll just chat - it depends on what you WANT to do.  There will be snacks so you don't go hungry.  Bring a project that you've hit a snag on and we'll take a look and give you our 2 cents worth on how to move forward.  OR bring something you'd like to "crow" over!  Everyone needs to show off what they're making.  ALL skill levels welcome.  FREE!

NOTE:  This month (due to our travel schedule) we won't be having the Third Wednesday SEWcial event.  

February 20 (Saturday) noon to 3,

Prayer and Peace Flags

OK, so this is Love on a larger scale.  Bring some loving energy to spread and we'll supply the materials, the space and the instruction.  You make the prayer flags to send all that Love out into the Universe.  $25

February 5 (Friday) 6 to whenever, Downtown Bellingham Artwalk

The Textile Gallery is an important part of Social Fabric so come and see what we've got to show THIS month!

Really - we DO have a plan - of sorts.  Classes we've scheduled for the first half of February will be all about Love, making it and giving it.  We have several Valentine Making "workshops" which you can attend.  AND, we've come up with a class you can do WITH your loved one (we're thinking parent/kiddo) or you can take a class to make something to give as a token of your love.

Then after Valentine's day - we're back to the concept of keeping warm and cozy AND we're turning up the dial on up-cycling sweaters.  Take a look....

February 7 (Sunday) 1 to 4, 
Zipper Bags  If you're scared of putting in a zipper - THIS is the class for you.  We will make three bags, each a different shape (2 of them shown here).  Each will require putting in a zipper.  We'll teach you an easy way to sew in a zipper.  After doing that three times, you'll be a pro (OK - maybe not a pro), but you will have addressed your fear of zippers!)  These are the COOLEST things for organizing your stuff OR you can make them for gifts!  They don't take a lot of fabric.  After this class - you'll be making zipper bags right and left!  $30

February 11 (Thursday) 3 to 8,

February 13 (Saturday) noon to 5,

Hand Made Valentine Cards

Drop in to our "love fest", open studio, handmade Valentine workshops. Come by and make a hand-made Valentine for ALL your sweethearts! (We won't tell if you have more than one).  We're spreading the love for CHEAP!  We'll have a variety of papers, fabric scraps, whatever and for $10.00 you can make as many Valentines as you want!  OR - if you're not the "making" kind of person - or pressed for time, just come by and we'll have some handmade Valentine cards for sale.*

$10 for the open studio, 

All you need to bring is a happy heart

*Our Valentine Cards will vary in price