Element of Fire

Jean Hicks


The Rings of Saturn, (Element of Gas)

Zophie Leslie

Naughty Zashka Milliner

Element of Fire

Rachel Skibo

Above, Element of Spice, Deb Waters

Waters Colors

Left, Element of Flight, Deb Waters

Waters Colors

Social Fabric

1302 Commercial Street

Bellingham, WA  98225





Monday through Saturday 11-6

Sunday 11-4

Element of Eruption

Ann De Vuono

De Vuono Hats

Elemental Millinary Exhibit

Millinery Artisan Guild of the Pacific Northwest

April 28 - June 1, 2016​​

Element of Practicality

Roxann Malley

Element of Whimsey,

Izzie Lewis

Izzie Lewis Millinery

Opening Night, Elemental Millinery Exhibit at Social Fabric, April 29, 2016

Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

Wendy Dudley

Inspired by the theme of “Elemental”, this collection captures the elements of time, physicality, thought and emotion as envisioned by members of the Millinery Artisan Guild of the Pacific NW.  This exhibit made its debut at a Spring Show in Seattle on April 2, 2016.​  

I  was lucky to run across this exhibit, made some calls and emails and VOILA - an exhibit at Social Fabric was arranged.  I am SO incredibly happy and excited to present to you this collection of "Elemental" hats.  I think you will be as charmed by them as I am.

Element of Fire

Laura Clampitt

Arcadia Millinery

Above and Above Right, Two Elements of Folly

Right, Element of Ambition

Michale Crooks

Mabel M Hatworks

Element of Spring Thaw

Molly Strange

Modra Makes - Hats and Wearable Art

Felted Cap

Jean Hicks

Felt maker

Element of Flight

Zophie Leslie

Naughty Zashka Milliner

We had a wonderful opening with several of this creative group present.  I could NOT be prouder of the quality of their work and our presentation of it...the perfect fusion of fashion and art - all coming together at Social Fabric.  We are blessed to have this opportunity to share their work with you.

Element of Stone

Laura Clampitt

Arcadia Millinery

Element of Water

Carol Campbell

CC Chapeau Millinery

Above Left, Element of Cognition II

Above Right, Element of Cognition 

Left, Element of Exporation

Heather Daveno

August Phoenix Hats

Element of Lava,

Ann De Vuono

De Vuono Hats

Above Left, Element of Mystery

Above Right, Element of Surprise

Right, Element of Romance

Daria Wheatley

Daria Wheatley's Hats