Social Fabric
1302 Commercial Street
Bellingham, WA  98225

Monday thru Saturday 11-6
Sunday 11-4

Measure of Significance Designer Strait Jacket

Cyanotype, canvas, eyelets, lacings

Renee Sherrer

Left to right, Head Games Strait Jacket, Your Name Here Strait Jacket, Boy Girl Boy Girl Strait Jacket, So Hard Strait Jacket

Renee Sherrer

Boy Girl Boy Girl Strait Jacket

Cyanotype, canvas, dyes, buttons

Renee Sherrer

On Left, 3 Silver Strait Jackets

Center, Western Shaman Designer Strait Jacket,

Deer ribs, nail polish, dye, pigment, elastic, canvas

Renee Sherrer

Your Name Here Designer Strait Jacket,

Canvas, pigment

Renee Sherrer

Designer Strait Jackets, January 2016

NOTHING says "Happy New Year" like an exhibition of Designer Strait Jackets. OK, that's really not true, but it IS a wonderful way to kick off a new year full of possibility for craziness and fun.  PLUS, maybe some of this playfullness will chase away those post-holiday, dark-days funk that we find ourselves in every winter.

Check out these images of Renee Sherrer's Designer Strait Jackets.  You didn't know there was such a thing?  This is her 1987 MFA graduate exhibition.  Yes, she's been crazy for a LONG time.

No, these are not exhibited in a traditional "formal" art exhibition sense.  They are interspersed among the goods and furnishings of Social Fabric's boutique and classroom.  That's because she wanted to interweave this kind of off-the-bubble fun throughout the environment.

Head Games Strait Jacket,

Dyes, pigments, canvas

Renee Sherrer

Boy Girl Boy Girl Strait Jacket (back) an So Hard Strait Jacket (back)

Renee Sherrer