So You've enrolled in a class - what next...

When you enroll, we’ll send you a list of materials (fabric, etc.) for the class.  You will need to have those on hand.  Be advised, we don’t carry fabric at Social Fabric so you’ll have to bring your materials to each class UNLESS the class descriptions says materials will be supplied.  IF you do forget your fabric, we have basic muslin in stock for sale and you can make your project in muslin. 

Some Info on HOW to get the Right Fabric for your project

Yes, we know - it’s complicated.  How DO you get the right fabric, the right amount, etc.   First off - don’t let all that fabric in a fabric store overwhelm you.  FOCUS on what you need for your project.  

Almost ALL fabric comes in 2 widths; 45” wide or 54”/60” wide.  Occasionally you will find fabric in 36” wide or 108” wide but that’s pretty rare.

You buy fabric in increments of a yard, like: 1/8,  1/4,  3/8,  1/2,  5/8,  3/4,  7/8  or 1 yard.

SO, if you buy 1/4 yard, of 45” wide fabric, you are buying a piece of fabric (they call it yardage) that is 9” long and 45” wide.  So 3/4 yard of 54”/60” fabric is 27” long and 54”/60” wide.

Here is a guide as to what increments of a yard will be:

1/8 yard = 4 1/2”
1/4 yard = 9”
3/8 yard = 13 1/2”
1/2 yard = 18”
5/8 yard = 22 1/2”
3/4 yard = 27”
7/8 yard = 31 1/2”
1 yard = 36”
FYI - 1 meter is 39” plus about 3”.

Your Materials List will tell you how much fabric, and what kind of fabric to buy before you come to class so follow the suggestions on the materials list.  Ask someone at the fabric store if you need help.

If you have ANY questions, please contact us at 360-733-1323 or email us at

Class and Enrollment Policy

Here’s how it works at Social Fabric.  We put out a class schedule and get folks interested in taking classes.  We have to have “minimums” on enrollment for classes to make it worthwhile for the instructor.  So if you sign up for a class and we don’t get the minimum enrollment, the Instructor has the option to:  cancel the class, reschedule the class, OR teach the class with the smaller enrollment.  

It's BEST if you can email or call us and enroll, instead of dropping by.  This helps us to know what kind of enrollment we can anticipate.  We know that sometimes you don't know until the last minute if you can attend so we will try to accommodate anyone who wants to come with or without pre-enrollment but be patient with us if we have cancelled a class because we didn't know you were coming.

If you've enrolled in a class and it is cancelled, you can use your enrollment fee towards another class.

If the class is rescheduled, you can come to the rescheduled class time, OR you can use your enrollment fee towards another class.

If the class is taught with a smaller enrollment - BONUS for you (means more one-on-one time with the instructor). LUCKY YOU!

Policy for Refunds on Classes:

We hate to see anyone miss a class but sometimes life throws you a curve ball.  IF you cannot make a class you’ve paid for - please give us 24 hour notice for a full credit toward another class.  OR you can gift your class to someone who can come at the scheduled time.  Let us know if someone will be taking your place so we can help them to get equipped for the class.

Sometimes if you have to cancel, that makes the class too small to hold it - so cancelling is problematic not only for the Instructor but also for other students who would not be able to participate in the class due to change in enrollment.  Please be thoughtful about making cancellations.

Essential Info for taking Sewing Classes at Social Fabric:

Classes begin on time - please try to be set up and ready to go at the time class is scheduled to start.  We schedule our classes with enough pre-class time for you to come and get set up so you'll be ready to go.  PLEASE bring all the equipment you will need, including your Sewing machine, power cord, bobbins, feet and manual (that's the bare minimum).  If you are unable to bring the fabric for the class, we will do everything we can to help you but our fall back is to offer to sell you muslin for your project, which we keep on hand.

A class may be scheduled for a specific time BUT - please be aware that it could go over that time, OR we may get through it quickly and finish up early.  The length of the class is an anticipated guideline - not set in stone.