Parts of a Whole

an exhibit by

Clarissa Callesen

Social Fabric presents Parts of the Whole a solo exhibit of new fiber work,by Clarissa Callesen from Sept 2 - Oct 3, 2016

Callesen is known for her unique approach to found objects, having primarily worked in hard mediums; ​​wood, metal, plastic, and the iconic porcelain doll.  For this show, Callesen has turned her vision towards the pliable world of fabric and fiber. Still working almost exclusively with recycled or found materials, she approaches fabric from a sculptural assemblage point of view. Callesen created hundreds of small fiber forms that are then assembled and intertwined with found objects to create large abstract compositions that speak to our natural world, our human experience, and the eternal cycle of birth and death. 

Social Fabric 

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Monday thru Saturday, 11-6

Sunday, 11-4

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She uses her eclectic, mysterious, and surreal style to tell stories about the joy and devastation that is the human experience.  She searches the margins to find beauty and value in that which our society has deemed worthless.  Clarissa approaches creation and community from her Queer and feminine perspectives allowing her a unique outsider view.  Her diverse experiences as a tattoo artist, functional potter, and mixed media artist give her an eclectic background from which to draw.  She exhibits throughout the Pacific Northwest at art festivals and selective galleries. 

Check out "The DollMaker" a short video made by Visual Contact, about Clarissa's work.