Baby Things

Baby Slippers - our Line of Baby Steps slippers for babies is about the cutest thing we carry.  These are made from up-cycled sweaters.  They range in a variety of colors and knit patterns.  Most are decorated with some kind of sweet little accent.  The ones pictured here are cashmere - Ooooooooh, WHO doesn't want a pair of pink, cashmere slippers with roses on them?  $29.00

We are BIG into up-cycling at Social Fabric and as you'll see from the following selection.  It's not JUST about sustainability - it's the challenge of giving something a new and longer life as a new and beautiful or fun thing.

Starfish Baby Wrap, by Baby Steps.  These come in two sizes, 0 to 3 months and 3 to 9 months.  They're made of fleece and are super cozy for baby.  They come in a wide variety of prints, pink, blue, and colors for those of you who don't know what "flavor" of baby is on it's way.  $29.00