August 14, Sunday, 12-4, Cozy Bee, (making cozies for rocks).  Yes, you read that right.  We’ll be knitting or crocheting (or sewing/up-cycling) knitted garments for rocks!  Bring your rock and we’ll help you design and make a garment for it!  You DO know Fashion Rocks, right???  Sorry - bad pun, but fun.  FREE (stay tuned for information on this participatory art project).

August 5, Friday, 5:30-9, Artwalk.  You GOTTA come see this month (and September’s) art exhibit.  It’s entitled "For Longing", and it’s the work of local performance/installation artist, Christen Mattix. In a nutshell, Christen sat on a bench on the corner of 16th and Taylor for a LONG time and knitted a line to the sea. August is the one-year anniversary of the “unrolling” of this knitted line down Taylor Street to Taylor dock and into Bellingham Bay. Come see what kind of fun this exhibit will be.  FREE

August 27, Saturday, 12-5, Denim Jacket Redo.  You’ve SEEN the one Renee made for Lydia House Runway show.  Learn how to replace the panels on your Denim jacket with lace, sheer fabric, knit - whatever you like! $35.  Some sewing experience required.

August 2016 Class Schedule

August 20, Saturday, 12:30-2, Play Art with Molly.  This is exactly what it sounds like.  Any age, any skill level, GUARANTEED to be a lot of fun.  Molly will work out the details.  Call to sign up and find out! $15.  All Skill levels welcome.

August 9, Tuesday, 12-6, Pattern Making I (Intensive).  Learn the basics of flat pattern making, starting with the bodice, going to the sleeve and lastly skirt and pant. This class will open the door to pattern skills you never knew you could learn!  $90.  Even though this is a drafting class, ome sewing experience is required.

August 13, Saturday 12-4, 4-6, Sewing Machine MD.You can learn how to keep your sewing machine (and your pocket book) happy if you take this class.  You will learn how to clean, oil and adjust your machine and save OODLES of money in the future!  $45.

August 31,Wednesday, 5:30-8, Sewing Machine MD.  You can learn how to keep your sewing machine (and your pocket book) happy if you take this class.  You will learn how to clean, oil and adjust your machine and save OODLES of money in the future!  $45.

Here's a NEW thing!  Maria Bacher, yoga teacher par excellence, will be using the Social Fabric space to teach Inner Body Yoga before we open in the mornings.  Check out the calendar below. The days with gold stars on them have classes.  Contact her at for more info. or check her website (to be announced).

August 27, Saturday, 3-5, Dimensional Silk Roses.  You simply will LOVE making these luscious silk roses.  You can put them on hats, a cardigan, a jacket, anything that you want to make look fancier.  $20, Some hand sewing experience required.

August 28, Sunday, 12-4, Bead Weaving for Kids or Adults. We’ll set up the warp of the loom and learn how to weave beads onto the warp. After that, they sky is the limit, a bracelet perhaps, a belt if you're really ambitious... $20  No experience necessary.

August 26, Friday, 1-4, Egg Gathering Apron. Those chickens should be laying eggs BIG TIME about now.  Make this apron so you can bring them in without breakage. $20.  Some sewing experience required.

It's SO hard to believe August is almost here!  What happens to these lovely summer months - they just ZIPPPPPPPP by!

We've really loaded up this month with classes.  There are some repeat classes (back by popular demand) and some NEW classes!  Check it out.

August 6, Saturday, 12:30-3 Kids Creative Sew, taught by Molly.  There’s NO telling what Molly has in mind for this.  Give us a call and find out!  $20.  No experience required.

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August 11, Thursday, 2-5, Magic Mega Bag.  You’ve been waiting for this…Learn how to make a huge bag which will fold down (into itself) like magic.  This bag is AMAZING for travel.  $20.  There are some materials you’ll need to purchase for this (mostly specifically zippers). Some sewing experience required.​

August 7 & 21, Sunday, 12-4, How to Copy a Garment Without Taking it Apart (2 parts).  You KNOW you have that garment you love and can’t wear again (for whatever reason). Bring it in and we’ll teach you how to copy it! $45.  Some sewing experience required.

August 20, Saturday, 12-5, Grading Patterns. What is Grading Patterns???  It’s changing the size the pattern incrementally, all over (generally) so that the fit is not changed by changing the size.  If you are interested in creating your own line of clothing or just want to know how patterns are resized (Graded) take this class. $50  Pattern Making I and II are required.

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August 12, Friday, 1-4, Harvest Apron.  It’s TIME!!!!  You will want to be harvesting those berries, fruits, veggies, etc.  This apron will do the trick.  $20  Some sewing experience required.

August 23, Tuesday, 12-6, Pattern Making II (Intensive).  This is the NEXT step in flat-pattern making.  We’ll be learning raglan sleeves, facings, combining pattern pieces, wrapping seams and a LOT more. $90  Pattern Making I required.

August 6, Saturday, 12-4, Monster Dolls.  Let your “inner child” out.  Come down, bring your machine or use one of ours. We will have SCADS of scraps, stuffing, buttons, etc.  Who doesn’t want to sew/play with others and make these crazy dolls!  $25  

August 17, Wednesday, 5:30-8, SEWcial.  Bring in whatever project you’re working on.  Show it off, ask advice - whatever you want.  FREE