Blue and White

Mixed fiber yarns
Ann Maki, 2013

                                         Ann Maki, Reawakenings

In Ann Maki’s textile assemblage work, she explores the relationship between damage and reconciliation through the use of hand-dyed fabrics, colorful threads, yarns and machine stitch to create two-dimensional abstract assemblages. High contrast color relationships and textured surfaces give the pieces more depth and texture, revealing the richness of the healing experience, bearing witness to a new found strength.

Grounded in that strength and using stitches learned from her grandmother, she turns her hands away from fabric and machine stitch to freeform hand-knitting to create three-dimensional abstract fiber works. Inspired by large shapes in nature, such as mountains and ocean waves, the softness of the knit structures belies the ruggedness of mountainsides and the power of the ocean.  These knitted works are studies of serenity and strength and are a testament to what it means to be a woman of a certain age whose power is reawakened in these uncertain times.

Ann's work will be shown through the month of March 2017.  Don't delay in getting down to Social Fabric to see it!

Red Brown Mounds

Mixed fiber yarns
Ann Maki, 2010

Alpine Lakes

Bamboo and mixed fiber yarns
Ann Maki, 2012