Check out her smaller "wristlette" bags.  These are also made of up-cycled vinyl advertising banners. These are a great accessory, they're funky and fun!  $24

We are BIG into up-cycling at Social Fabric and as you'll see from the following selection, it's not JUST about sustainability - it's the challenge of giving something a new and longer life as a new and beautiful or fun thing.

Molly's Vinyl Bags - WOW,  These are amazing. You KNOW you have to have those bags for shopping in B'ham.  They're made from up-cycled vinyl advertising banners.  They range in price from $32 to $49.  


Tammy Rice

Her work is the ONLY artist we have who is not local.  Her work is so amazing I had to have it for Social Fabric.  She makes her pieces out of car and bicycle tire inner tubes and bicycle tires (check out the belt!)  You will want to look in our Jewlery section to see some of the wonderful things she's done with inner tubes, chain, beads, and other collected things.  We are so jazzed to have her work.  AND - it's incredibly affordable!

Zipper Bags - These are great for organizing your stuff.  They  come in a variety of fabrics from animal print to retro, to embroidered, to floral - you name it.  Come in and see if there's one that "speaks" to you.  $29.00

Belt made from bicycle tire $42


Wrist Wallet $52

Kantha Scarves and Shawls (pronounced kanta)


These amazing scarves are from India. They are silk and hand stitched, usually in a contrast color thread.  You have to see them to believe them.  WARNING - you will want one after you've seen them...just sayin'.  We have more color options than are shown here.  Come by and see for yourself.  Prices are $52 for scarf and $89 for shawl.


Fingerless Gloves - Our line of  Too Cute fingerless gloves are made from up-cycled sweaters.  We have a large variety of these in every color of the rainbow.  Some have thumbs, some don't.  They also come in a variety of lengths.  If you've never had a pair - consider this, you can wear them to make a fashion statement, keep your hands warm AND you can still use your cell phone or any kind of touch screen.  They're the bomb!  $29.00